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Kikimora Publications Series B19


Models of Self:
Russian Women's Autobiographical Texts
edited by Marianne Liljeström, Arja Rosenholm and Irina Savkina:

Kikimora Publications : Series B18. 2000
ISBN 951-45-9575-0
5 EUR + VAT 10 %
247 p.

How do Russian women represent themselves in life-writing and life stories? Are there any general models of selves? Can autobiography be a genre for women? These and other related questions are discussed in this book featuring contributions from scholars in both East and West. The authors discuss images of female subjectivity in Russian women's autobiographical texts from the early 19th century until the present. The contributors analyse the diverse "models of self" that Russian women have constructed in diaries, memoirs, correspondence, autobiographical portraits, and self-writing through fiction and poetry.
By bringing together different perspectives on Russian women's autobiographical texts, the anthology theorises gender as an analytical frame. The book also discusses forms and meanings of life-writing - autobiography as a genre - a constantly growing research field across disciplines.


Hilde Hoogenboom
Catriona Kelly
Marianne Liljeström
Irina Novikova
Arja Rosenholm
Anna Rotkirch
Marja Rytkönen
Irina Savkina
Romy Taylor
Anna Temkina
Elena Zdravomyslova