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Kikimora Publications Series B14


Edited by Juha Tolonen and Boris Topornin:

Legal Foundations of Russian Economy

Kikimora Publications Series B14. 2001
ISBN 951-45-9276-X
5 EUR + VAT 10 %
418 p.

The Russian legal system has been exposed to two radical changes during the 20th century. First, the Bolshevik revolution replaced the old imperial law with a socialist regime, then after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a new legal system based on the principles of a market economy was created. This volume offers a description and an analysis of Russian law as it operates today. The book consists of nine chapters, each of them describing on branch of law; the branches of law have been chosen accordingly. The book contains separate chapters on constitutional, administrative, land and tax law, and law of procedure, three chapters on private law and one chapter devoted to the legal issues of foreign trade, all written by Russian academic lawyers. The aim is to give the reader a clear picture how the Russians themselves understand their legal system and its development within the framework of a new economic system. Therefore, the translation is as close to the original Russian text as possible.


Introduction Juha Tolonen and Boris Topornin

I Constitutional Foundations of the New Russian Economy Boris Topornin

II The Main Institutions of the Russian Administrative Law in the Sphere of the Administration Economy Nadezhda Salischeva

III Tax Law of Russian Federation Raisa Zaharova

IV Land Law of Russian Federation Irina Ikonitskaya V Procedural Law in Russia: Judicial and Non-Judicial Procedures of Resolving Disputes in the Economic Field Elena Vinogradova

VI Private Law; Commercial Organisations Vladimir Andreyev

VII Contract Law Ljubov Andreyeva

VIII Private International Law of Russian Federation Elena Kabatova

IX Legal Regulation of Foreign Trade Relations in Russian Federation Marina Bardina