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Kikimora Publications Series B13


Edited by Vesa Oittinen:

Evald Ilyenkov's Philosophy Revisited

Kikimora Publications : Series B13. 2001
ISBN 951-45-9263-8
5 EUR + VAT 10 %
372 p.

Proceedings of the Ilyenkov symposium in Helsinki 7th and 8th September 1999.

Evald Ilyenkov (1924 - 1979) was an outstanding philosopher, whose ideas not only influenced profoundly the Soviet philosophy, but even left their mark on the discussions concerning the role of the dialectical method, the theoretical foundations of psychology and the philosophy of Marxism in general. This book is based on the selected materials presented twenty years after the death of Ilyenkov at an international symposium dedicated to Ilyenkov's theoretical heritage.


Prof. David Bakhurst, Queens University, Ontario, Canada
The Living and the Dead in Ilyenkov's Philosophy.

Dr. Jan Derry, School of Education, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Foundationalism and Anti-Foundationalism: seeking Enchantment in the Rough Ground

Prof. Wolfgang Jantzen, University of Bremen
Iljenkow, Leontjew und die Meschtscherjakow-Debatte.

Prof. Yrjö Engeström, Academy of Finland
Ilyenkov and the cultural-historical activity theory

Prof. Reijo Miettinen, University of Helsinki
Ascending from the abstract to the concrete: reconstructing the working hypothesis for new practices.

Dr. Jussi Silvonen, Institute of Occupational Health, Helsinki
Ilyenkov and Foucault: Paradoxes and impossible connections

Prof. Matti Vartiainen, Helsinki University of Technology
Dialectics and Dialogue in Ilyenkov.

MA Pertti Honkanen, Helsinki
Ilyenkov and the Logic of Capital

Dr. Evert van der Zweerde, Katholijke Universiteit Nijmegen
Dissidents, Philosophers and Apparatchiki - Ilyenkov and Soviet Philosophical Culture

Dr. A.G. Novokhatko, Ilyenkov archive
Ilyenkov and Spinoza

Dr. Janette Friedrich, University of Geneva
Aktiwität und Sprache - Illjenkow und moderne Sprachteorien.

Dr. Nikolai Veresov, University of Oulu
Vygotsky - Ilyenkov - Mamardashvili

Lic.Phil. Tarja Knuuttila, University of Helsinki
Semiosis and the concept of Ideal

Doc. Vesa Oittinen, University of Helsinki and University of Umeå
Iljenkow und Kant.

Dr. Andrew Chitty, University of Sussex:
Social and Physical Form: Ilyenkov on the Ideal and Marx on the Value-Form.

A previously unpublished text by Evald Ilyenkov with foreword by Doc. Vesa Oittinen.