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Kikimora Publications Series B 4


Business Entry in Eastern Europe
A Network and Learning Approach with Case Studies
ed. by Jan-Åke Törnroos and Jarmo Nieminen

Kikimora Publications : Series B4. 1999
ISBN 951-45-8860-6
2 EUR + VAT 10 %
317 p.

The book offers a new approach to Western firms´ business activities in Eastern Europe. It focuses on market entry and business development processes of Nordic firms in Eastern Europe. The new business context requires a creation of new business networks and learning in the new business environment.

The book is based on both theoretical and empirical research. The network paradigm to marketing and internationalisation and learning form the theoretical and empirical setting for the volume. The objective of the book is to understand and analyse market entry and business development processes of Nordic companies in Eastern Europe from the viewpoint of network development and learning. How do the western firms enter and develop their business operations in countries, which still lack common market structures? How do they cope with the transition? How do they organise their relationships? How do they solve problems?

The book is written for managers, professionals and researchers of international marketing and East-West business, teachers and students in universities, polytechnics and colleges of economics and business administration. Because of several case studies, the book is extremely suitable for teaching purposes.

The writers of the articles are specialists in international marketing and international business. The authors are well known researchers especially within the business network approach in Europe