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Kikimora Publications Series A 4

Markku Lonkila:

Social Networks in Post-Soviet Russia. Continuity and Change in the Everyday Life of St. Petersburg Teachers

Kikimora Publications : Series A4. 1999
ISBN 951-45-8911-4
239 p.

5 EUR + VAT 10 %


Markku Lonkila´s dissertation Social Networks in Post-Soviet Russia is about the legacy of socialism: the tension between the patterns of thought and behaviour inherited from the socialist era and the requirements of the emerging new social order. Rather than asking whether socialism still effects the state of affairs in post-socialism the author is asking, what part of the state-socialist system has collapsed, and what part of it is still alive. The question is examined in the book through comparative, empirical analysis of Russian and Finnish teachers and their social interactions in everyday life. This view from below opens up new ways of looking at the current transformation.

By examining the lives of the individuals working at school the author offers us a comparative view of the role of the work place and working collective as described in post - socialist factory studies. The uniqueness of this study is due to this comparative micro- level analysis of networks in post-Soviet everyday life.

The book consists of five articles which examine everyday life in post-Soviet Russia through comparative data on personal networks in St. Petersburg and Helsinki in 1993-94 and 1996.

Ph.D. Markku Lonkila is working as a researcher at the Department of Sociology (University of Helsinki). His current research interests include qualitative methods, social network analysis and the study of post-socialist societies.