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Kikimora Publications Series A 22

Merja Norros
Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters with Russia and Methods of Evaluation

Kikimora Publications A 22
ISBN ISBN 978-952-10-5149-4
480 p.
32 EUR + VAT 10 %.


Can a Finnish judicial document be served to an addressee who resides in Russia? How can a foreign court hear a Russian witness? And does judicial cooperation with Russia differ from cooperation with other states?

This doctoral dissertation seeks to answer these and similar questions. It breaks new ground in examining the reality of cooperation with judicial authorities of the Russian Federation. International judicial cooperation in civil matters is primarily regulated by the Hague Conventions on Service of Documents (1965) and the Taking of Evidence (1970). The Hague Conference on Private International Law monitors the implementation of treaties on the general level.

The study focuses  on an examination of Russian legislation, institutions and practice. It formulates 18 criteria for the purposes of evaluation. With the help of these criteria, the study compares Russia’s compliance with treaties with compliance by other states. The study is enriched by an analysis of authentic requests for assistance between Finland and Russia. The book also contains a chapter on treaty conflicts.

In conclusion, the study presents several recommendations for the improvement of cooperation. The study contributes to the theory of evaluation by comparing the Hague monitoring mechanism with several other evaluation models in use.

Review by Prof. Alexander Trunk (in German) in Kieler Ostrechts-Notizen 1-2/2010 (pdf).

Review by Vladimir Jarkov (In Russian) in Zakon (pdf).

Review of Central and East European Law /36 (2011) pp. 83-85:
"This kind of cornparative study is valuable for the authorities themselves as well as for lawyers, who need to interact with the authorities, to appreciate how the system works and for scholars wishing to gain a thorough understanding of administrative practice in the field."

- Soili Nysten-Haarala

Russian Review, Vol 69. No 4:
"Finally, the 1965 Hague Convention on service of judicial and and extrajudicial documents requires that each state name a "central authority" to receive and process requests. Russia was slow to name its central authority, and when it finally designated the Ministry of Justice to perform this task, it failed to equip it with sufficient expertise to perform the task adequately. In the author's view, then, Russia still has some distance to cover to measure up to the other states examined in this study. [--] The book will be helpful to practitioners in the field and to scholars who want to know more about this specialized aspect of public international law."

- Donald Barry, Lehigh University

Lakimies 1/2011, s. 171-181:
"Juuri Suomessa on erityisen tärkeää tuottaa monipuolista ja ajan hermolla olevaa Venäjän oikeuden tutkimusta. [--] Norros on tietoisesti tavoitellut sellaisia tutkimustuloksia, joilla on myös käytännöllistä arvoa. Tässä tehtävässä hän on onnistunut hyvin. Väitöskirja sisältää lukuisia suosituksia, jotka on vakuuttavasti perusteltu tekijän saamilla tutkimustuloksilla."

- Heikki E.S. Mattila