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Kikimora-Publications Series A 20

Rosa Vihavainen
Homeowners' Associations in Russia after the 2005 Housing Reform

Kikimora Publications A 20
ISBN 978-952-10-5148-7
274 p.
10 EUR + VAT 10 %


The book examines homeowners' associations as a part of the large-scale housing management reform that has transferred management and maintenance of private housing from the state to the private sector and to the citizens' responsibility since 2005 in Russia. The study is based on interview data from St. Petersburg's homeowners' associations.

Homeowners' associations are analysed as self-governing associations, with the main question being the ways in which taking care of common areas collectively succeeds in practice. The role of social relations in collective decision-making is also studied, particularly whether cooperation has produced social capital or whether relationships between neighbours are characterised by conflicts and disagreements.

Besides the social dynamics within the associations, the associations' relationships with other actors, such as Local housing authorities that may contribute to or prevent the associations' self-government, are examined.

Contents (pdf)