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Kikimora Publications : Series A13

cover Social Networks and Everyday Practices in Russia

by Anna-Maria Salmi

Kikimora Publications : Series A13

Kikimora Publications Series: A13
ISBN 952-10-3070-4

A fairly unanimous consensus exists that social networks were vital in state socialist societies and were used to bypass various difficulties caused by endemic shortages and bureaucratic rigidities. In the postsocialist era, a lively debate has been going on about the fate of networks. How have networks changed, or have they changed? Has the role of networks diminished or perhaps even increased in importance? Examining social networks and everyday practices in five different contexts, this collection of articles offers new insights into Russian network studies.

Topics addressed in the articles include:

  • birthday parties in Russia
  • informal medical exchange practices among teachers and doctors
  • interaction and mutual help among neighbours
  • the Russian work collective and migration
  • housing i n the Soviet and post-Soviet era

The study draws on material with teachers, doctors and factory workers collected during 1993-2000 in St. Petersburg, Russia. A central argument throughout the book is that in Russian network studies attention should increasingly be paid to critical examinations of unequal access to networks and the consequences of networking.