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Kikimora Publications Series A: 12

cover The Transitions of Local Administration Culture in Russia by Anna-Liisa Heusala

Kikimora Publications Series A: 12
ISBN 952-10-2528-X

This study examines changes in Russian administration in historical perspective. While providing an overall conception of local administrative culture, the book's main focus is that of the executive branch in local government. The research asks how structural reforms and the previous culture of institutions interact in periods of transition. The study formulates ideal types of local administration in order to demonstrate change in structures, practices and modes of thought. One of the ideal types is based on a case study conducted in the city of Murmansk . The results of this study help to understand why altering structures and law is necessary, but not a sufficient condition in shifting the behaviour of a specific administrative culture.

Anna-Liisa Heusala is a graduate of the University of Helsinki , the Faculty of Social Sciences and has also studied at Moscow State University in 1991-1992. She specializes in the study of administrative cultures in different organizational contexts. Ms. Heusala has previously worked in the Aleksanteri Institute and presently in the Police College of Finland researches cross border cooperation between the Finnish and Russian police, frontier guard and customs administrations.