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Aleksanteri Cold War Series 3:2016


Poul Villaume, Ann-Marie Ekengren and Rasmus Mariager (eds.)
Northern Europe in the Cold War, 1965-1990. East-West Interactions of Trade, Culture and Security
Aleksanteri Cold War Series 3:2016

ISBN 978-951-51-0021-4

332 p.

20 € + VAT 10 %

Out of print.
Download pdf here

Northern Europe in the Cold War is a collection of special studies with the common aim of counterbalancing the bias in existing international Cold War historiography towards a preponderant focus on conflict, confrontation, and security issues, to the detriment of significant aspects of cooperation and constructive interaction between West and East, notwithstanding the fundamental ideological and geopolitical differences between the two Blocs.

Based on original research in recently opened archives in West and East and with a main focus on smaller states of Northern and Central Europe, the chapters of the book open interpretative avenues for explaining developments during the last two or three decades of the Cold War through other lenses than the traditional ones.


Bent Boel
Jens Boysen
Ann-Marie Ekengren
Thomas Fischer
Suvi Kansikas
Stephan Kieninger
Simo Laakkonen
Rasmus Mariager
Kimmo Rentola
Leena Riska-Campbell
Palle Roslyng-Jensen
Tuomas Räsänen
Poul Villaume