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Aleksanteri Cold War Series 2:2015


Nordic Cold War Cultures. Ideological Promotion, Public Reception and East-West Interactions
Edited by Valur Ingimundarson and Rósa Magnúsdóttir

Aleksanteri Cold War Series 2:2015
ISBN 978-951-51-0019-1
214 p.
20 € + VAT 10 %

Nordic Cold War Cultures explores representations of the cultural Cold War in the five Nordic countries. Taking into account various political contexts, the ten contributions—written by Nordic scholars—analyze the interaction between Nordic actors and the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union through propaganda, cultural diplomacy, media narratives, civil defense programs, the role of intellectuals, and the politics of memory. The volume adds a depth to a narrative otherwise dominated by political and diplomatic approaches and creates insights into the cultural experiences of each Nordic country. It demonstrates how a combination of cultural and political approaches can help explain symbolic interactions and hierarchical relationships as well as elite and public perceptions of—and attitudes towards—the Cold War as an ideological struggle.


Helge Danielsen
Martin Alm
Stian Bones
Marie Cronqvist
Guðni Jóhannesson
Simo Mikkonen
Kirsi Ahonen
Skafti Ingimarsson
Jón Ólafsson
Rosanna Farbøl
Thorsten Borring Olesen