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Kikimora Studies on Russia and Eastern Europe (Series B)

Kikimora Studies on Russia and Eastern Europe is a series for top class academic monographs and edited volumes focused especially on social sciences and humanities. The manuscripts are carefully selected and refereed to provide titles that stand time and are truly worth reading.

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Latest in Kikimora Studies on Russia and Eastern Europe (Series B)

Trading with the Soviet Union. The Finnish Experience 1944-1991
by Pekka Sutela

Kikimora Publications B 39. 2014.
ISBN 978-951-51-0017-7
152 p.
20 EUR + VAT 10 %

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All titles published in the series from 1998

Pekka Sutela
Trading with the Soviet Union. The Finnish Experience 1944-1991
Kikimora Publications: Series B 39. 2014. ISBN 978-951-51-0017-7

Tomi Huttunen and Mikko Ylikangas (eds)
Witnessing Change in Contemporary Russia
Kikimora Publications : Series B 38. 2010. ISBN 978-952-10-5153-1

Vesa Rautio and Markku Tykkyläinen (eds)
Russia's Northern Region on the Edge: Communities, Industries and Populations from Murmansk to Magadan
Kikimora Publications : Series B 37.2008. ISBN 978-952-10-4097-9

Karppinen, Antti
The Hammer, Sickle, and the Star. Following the Idea of Russia.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 36. 2006. ISBN 952-10-3205-7

Jarmo Kortelainen and Juha Kotilainen (eds)
Contested Environments and Investments.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 35. 2006. ISBN 952-10-3043-7

Harri Melin (ed.)
Social Structure, Public Space and Civil Society in Carelia.
Kikimora Publications: Series B 34. 2005. ISBN 952-10-2479-8

Hanna Smith (ed.)
Russia and its Foreign Policy. Influences, Interests and Issues.
Kikimora Publications: Series B33. 2005. ISBN 952-10-2380-5

Liljeström, Marianne
Useful Selves. Russian Women's Autobiographical Texts from the Post-War Period.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 32. 2004. ISBN 952-10-1966-2

Risto Alapuro, Ilkka Liikanen and Markku Lonkila (eds)
Beyond Post-Soviet Transition. Micro Perspectives on Challenge and Survival in Russia and Estonia.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 30. 2004. ISBN 952-10-1466-0

Irina Novikova and Dimitar Kambourov (eds)
Men in the Global World. Integrating Post-Socialist Perspectives.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 29. 2003. ISBN 952-10-1308-7

Sutela, Pekka
The Russian Market Economy.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 31. 2003. ISBN 952-10-1467-9

Heino Nyyssönen (toim.)
Itäinen Keski-Eurooppa vuonna 2004.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 28. 2003. ISBN 952-10-1309-5

Paastela, Jukka
Finnish Communism under Soviet Totalitarianism. Oppositions within the Finnish Communist Party in Soviet Russia 1918-1935.
Kikimora Publications : Series B27. 2003. ISBN 952-10-0755-9

Eero Medijainen and Vahur Made (eds)
Estonian Foreign Policy at the Cross-Roads.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 26. 2002. ISBN 952-10-0754-0

Kivinen, Markku and Pynnöniemi, Katri
Beyond the Garden Ring. Dimensions of Russian regionalism.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 25. 2002. ISBN 952-10-0544-0

Antti Laine and Mikko Ylikangas (eds)
Rise and Fall of Soviet Karelia. People and Power.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 24. 2002. ISBN 952-10-0099-6

Kivinen, Markku
Progress and Chaos. Russia as a Challenge for the Sociological Imagination.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 19. 2002. ISBN 951-45-9636-6

Snellman, Hanna
Khants' time.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 23. 2001. ISBN 951-45-9997-7

Ihanus, Juhani
Swaddling, Shame and Society. On Psychohistory and Russia.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 22. 2001. ISBN 952-10-0098-8

Nystén-Haarala, Soili
Russian Law in Transition. Law and Institutional Change.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 21. 2001. ISBN 952-45-9902-0

Kaarle Nordenstreng, Elena Vartanova and Yassen Zassoursky (eds)
Russian Media Challenge.
Kikimora Publications : Series B 20. 2002. ISBN 951-45-9698-6

Marianne Liljeström, Arja Rosenholm and Irina Savkina (eds)
Models of Self. Russian Women's Autobiographical Texts.
Kikimora Publications : Series B18. 2000. ISBN 951-45-9575-0

Ilmo Massa and Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen (eds.)
The Struggle for Russian Environmental Policy.
Kikimora Publications : Series B17. 2001. ISBN 951-45-9574-2

Markku Kangaspuro (ed.)
Russia: More Different than Most. Articles of the research programme for Russia and Eastern Europe of the Academy of Finland.
Kikimora Publications : Series B16. 2001. ISBN 951-45-9423-1

Matti Kotiranta (ed.)
Religious Transition in Russia.
Kikimora Publications : Series B15. 2001. ISBN 951-45-9447-9

Juha Tolonen and Boris Topornin (eds)
Legal Foundations of Russian Economy.
Kikimora Publications : Series B14. 2001. ISBN 951-45-9276-X

Vesa Oittinen (ed.)
Evald Ilyenkov's Philosophy Revisited.
Kikimora Publications : Series B13. 2001. ISBN 951-45-9263-8

Timo Vihavainen ja Irina Takala (ed.)
Yhtä suurta perhettä. Bolshevikkien kansallisuuspolitiikka Luoteis-Venäjällä 1920-1950-luvulla.
Kikimora Publications : Series B12. 2001. ISBN 951-45-9275-1

Yanitsky, Oleg N.
Russian Greens in a Risk Society. A Structural Analysis.
Kikimora Publications : Series B11. 2001. ISBN 951-45-9226-3

Salminen, Ari ja Temmes, Markku
Transitioteoriaa etsimässä. Johdatus jälkikommunististen maiden hallinnon uudistamisen lähtökohtiin.
Kikimora Publications : Series B10. 1999. ISBN 951-45-9238-7

Tuomas Komulainen and Iikka Korhonen (eds)
Russian Crisis and Its Effects.
Kikimora Publications : Series B9. 2001. ISBN 951-45-9100-3
Sold out - Download here as a pdf-file (20MB)

Atis Lejins (ed.)
Baltic Security Prospects at the Turn of the 21st Century.
Kikimora Publications : Series B8. 1999. ISBN 951-45-9067-8

Lebina, H. B.
Povsednevnaia zhizn´ sovetskogo goroda. Normy i anomalii 1920 i 1930 godov.
Kikimora Publications : Series B7. 1999. ISBN 5-87516-133-7

Vinnikov, Aleksander
Tsena svobody.
Kikimora Publications : Series B6. 1998. ISBN 5-89739-002-9

Katalin Miklóssy (ed.)
Syitä ja seurauksia. Jugoslavian hajoaminen ja seuraajavaltioiden nykytilanne.
Kikimora Publications : Series B5. 2001. ISBN 951-45-8861-4

Jan-Åke Törnroos and Jarmo Nieminen (eds)
Business Entry in Eastern Europe. A Network and Learning Approach with Case Studies. Kikimora Publications : Series B4. 1999. ISBN 951-45-8860-6

Sutela, Pekka
The Road to the Russian Market Economy. Selected Essays, 1993 - 1998.
Kikimora Publications : Series B3. 1998. ISBN 951-45-8409-0

Leo Granberg (ed.)
The Snowbelt. Studies on the European North in Transition.
Kikimora Publications : Series B2. 1998. ISBN 951-45-8253-5