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Kikimora Dissertations (Series A)

Kikimora Dissertations (Series A) is intended for revised and accepted doctoral dissertations on Russian and Eastern European studies. Since 1997, 23 titles have been published in Kikimora Dissertations. If you wish to publish your dissertation with us, please contact the head of publications in good time!

All dissertations are available for sale and the titles, with links to detailed presentations, are listed below. Please fill in the online form or give us a call to get your copy! Please note that packing and mailing costs will be added to the prices.

Latest in Kikimora Dissertations

Jarmo Koistinen
Talousrikos Venäjällä

Kikimora Publications A23 (2012)
ISBN 978-952-10-6569-9
481 p.
45 EUR + VAT 10 %

A summary available in Russian
ISBN 978-952-10-6570-5.
10 EUR + VAT 10 %.

More information in Finnish.
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Kikimora Dissertations from 1997 to 2012

Koistinen, Jarmo
Talousrikos Venäjällä
Kikimora Publications A 23. 2012. ISBN 978-952-10-6569-9

Norros, Merja
Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters with Russia and Methods of Evaluation
Kikimora Publications A 22. 2010. ISBN 978-952-10-5149-4

Järvinen, Jouni
Normalization and Charter 77 – Violence, Commitment and Resistance in CzechoslovakiaKikimora Publications A 21. 2010. ISBN 978-952-10-5152-4

Vihavainen, Rosa
Homeowners’ Associations in Russia after the 2005 Housing Reform
Kikimora Publications A 20. 2009. ISBN 978-952-10-5148-7

Ristolainen, Mari
Preferred Realities: Soviet and Post-Soviet Amateur Art in Novorzhev
Kikimora Publications A 19. 2008. ISBN 978-952-10-4099-3

Larjavaara, Ilmari
Funktionaalinen transitioteoria: Hallinto, oikeusjärjestys ja instituutiot Venäjällä
Kikimora Publications: Series A17. 2007. ISBN 978-952-10-3789-4

Piipponen, Minna
Metsäsektorin rakennemuutos 1990-luvun Lähi-Venäjällä. Resurssi- ja teollisuusyhteisöjen haasteet. Kikimora Publications: Series A18. 2007. ISBN 978-952-10-3915-7

Kahla, Elina
Life as Exploit: Representations of Twentieth-Century Saintly Women in Russia
Kikimora Publications: Series A16. 2007. ISBN 978-952-10-3790-0

Aarelaid-Tart, Aili
Cultural Trauma and Life Stories Kikimora Publications: Series A15. 2006.
ISBN 952-10-3416-5

Ruutu, Katja
Venäjän politiikka ja perustuslaki. Tutkimus Venäjän perustuslakikäsitteistön kehityksestä 1900-luvulla.
Kikimora Publications: Series A14. 2006. ISBN 952-10-321-4

Salmi, Anna-Maria
Social Networks and Everyday Practices in Russia
Kikimora Publications: Series A13. 2006. ISBN 952-10-3070-4

Heusala, Anna-Liisa
The Transitions of Local Administration Culture in Russia.
Kikimora Publications : Series A12. 2005. ISBN 952-10-2528-X

Turunen, Maija
Faith in the Heart of Russia. The Religiosity of Post-Soviet University Students
Kikimora Publications : Series A11. 2005. ISBN 952-10-2276-0

Ylikangas, Mikko
Rivit suoriksi! Kaunokirjallisuuden poliittinen valvonta Neuvosto-Karjalassa 1917-1940
Kikimora Publications : Series A10. 2004. ISBN 952-10-2059-8

Rautio, Vesa
The Potential for Community Restructuring. Mining Towns in Pechenga.
Kikimora Publications Series A9. 2003. ISBN 952-10-1418-0

Miklóssy, Katalin
Manoeuvres of National Interest. Internationalism and Nationalism in the Emerging Kadarist Criticism of Romania, 1968-1972.
Kikimora Publications : Series A8. 2003. ISBN 952-10-1108-4

Hellenberg, Timo
Challenging Disasters. Natural Disaster Reduction in the Context of Intergovernmental Relations.
Kikimora Publications : Series A7. 2002. ISBN 952-10-0741-9

Vettenniemi, Erkki
Surviving the Soviet Meat Grinder. The Politics of the Finnish Gulag Memories.
Kikimora Publications : Series A6. 2001. ISBN 951-45-9868-7

Hanhinen, Sari
Social Problems in Transition. Perceptions of Influential Groups in Estonia, Russia and Finland.
Kikimora Publications : Series A5. 2001. ISBN 951-45-9636-6

Lonkila, Markku
Social Networks in Post-Soviet Russia. Continuity and Change in the Everyday Life of St. Petersburg Teachers.
Kikimora Publications : Series A4. 1999. ISBN 951-45-8911-4

Rosenholm, Arja
Gendering Awakening. Femininity and the Russian Woman Question of the 1860s.
Kikimora Publications : Series A3. 1999. ISBN 951-45-8892-4

Мустонен, Петер
Собственная его императорского величества канцелярия в механизме властвования института самодержца 1812-1858. К типологии основ имперского управления.
Kikimora Publications : Series A2. 1998. ISBN 951-45-8074-5

(Mustonen, Peter
Sobstvennaja ego imperatorskogo velitshestva kancelyarija v mehanizme vlastvovanija instituta samoderzhca 1812-1858 : k tipologii osnov imperskogo upravleniya.)

Temkina, Anna
Russia in Transition. The Cases of New Collective Actors and New Collective Actions. Kikimora Publications : Series A1. 1997. ISBN 951-45-7843-0