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Guide for authors

Submit your proposal as indicated on our "How to submit a book proposal" page. The phases of the publication process at Kikimora are described here. These guidelines will be of use to you when preparing your manuscript for the referee process.

All manuscripts should include a table of contents, footnotes referring to sources, a bibliography and an index. Detailed instructions on how to submit your manuscripts will be available separately in each case.

Guidelines for manuscripts

Kikimora Publications have a series-style to be followed in referencing, which follows the Author-Date System of the Chicago Manual of Style with the exception that references to sources are placed in footnotes instead of the text body, without brackets.

Spelling, punctuation, and capitalization
The author is free to choose between British and American spelling and punctuation conventions, but it is essential to maintain consistency throughout the work. However, the original spelling and punctuation should be retained in quotations from other sources. If a book contains articles from several authors, they should all follow the same spelling system.

In titles, the first word and all the major words are capitalized, but prepositions, conjunctions and articles are not.

Russian transliteration
Kikimora Publications uses the Library of Congress transliteration system without diacritics.
See e.g.

The manuscript should also include an index containing topics as well as names. The index should be kept simple, as the purpose is to help readers locate subject matter quickly. Therefore, only key concepts and names should be included. The main entries should generally be nouns rather than adjectives. Headings containing a considerable number of references should be subdivided and arranged alphabetically; prepositions are ignored in alphabetizing.

Author's responsibility
The author has the responsibility for the originality of the scientific content of all material to be published. The author is also expected to check the manuscript for consistency and revise the language usage and style. If the author wishes to include any material taken from another publication, permission to use the material must be obtained from the copyright owner.

The publisher carries out a process of objective peer review in order to guarantee the high quality of scientific material published. Expert referees are assigned to review the manuscript regarding its originality, methodology, ethical guidelines, and correct references to other works. In addition, they evaluate whether the manuscript has clearly presented results supporting the conclusions.