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Aleksanteri Cold War Series

The Aleksanteri Cold War Series is the outlet of the Aleksanteri Cold War Research Group. The book series is dedicated to providing an arena for new approaches to and fresh interpretations of the Cold War era. The series follows the same referee procedure as other refereed Kikimora series.

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Poul Villaume, Ann-Marie Ekengren and Rasmus Mariager (eds.)

Northern Europe in the Cold War, 1965-1990. East-West Interactions of Trade, Culture and Security
Aleksanteri Cold War Series 3:2016

ISBN 978-951-51-0021-4

332 p.
20 € + VAT 10 %

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Valur Ingimundarson and Rósa Magnúsdóttir (eds.)
Nordic Cold War Cultures. Ideological Promotion, Public Reception and East-West Interactions
Aleksanteri Cold War Series 2:2015

ISBN 978-951-51-0019-1

214 p.
20 € + VAT 10 %

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Sari Autio-Sarasmo and Brendan Humphreys (eds.)
Winter Kept Us Warm: Cold War Interactions Reconsidered
Aleksanteri Cold War Series 1:2010.

ISBN 978-952-10-6564-4

234 p.
10 € + VAT 10 %

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