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Submitting a book proposal

Use the following outline to compose your proposal to Kikimora Publications. Then send it as a pdf attachment to the head of publishing. Ideal length for a book proposal is 1000-1500 words.

  • Proposed title and subtitle 
  • Project description. Consider the project’s meaning for its field. What are the particular benefits offered by its content, scope, scientific content? What needs does it aim to satisfy? What is the societal importance of the publication? What is its position in the scientific discussion?
  • Proposed content. Attach a chapter by chapter outline of the project’s planned content and (in the case of a monograph) main argument(s), methods and theories.  In the case of an edited volume, a full list of contributors and their article topics is needed. Please also add the following information on all the contributors: name, academic degree, affiliation, job title
  • Funding. Please note that Kikimora Publications requires the submittors to have their own funding for language-checking, printing and layout costs. Kikimora Publications will offer you wholehearted assistance in managing, editing and marketing the publication, as well as overseeing the project. Describe the funding base and possible restrictions for its use.
  • Market and Competition. Indicate the primary market for your project and possible secondary markets. E.g. Scientific monograph / textbook / edited volume. What are the possible competitors in the market? Which academic audiences is it intended for?
  • Overall length of the publication (approximated, in words or pages)
  • Technical information, such as illustrations, tables, graphs and the like (if applicable). Please describe these.
  • Timetable. When do you expect the manuscript to be ready for submission for possible referee process? Are there any restrictions to the timetable (e.g. deadlines in spending of funds, conferences that you would need the publication to be ready for)? Describe. Please note that the publication process takes at least a minimum of 6 months from submission of manuscript to the finished book. Refereeing takes a majority of this time.
  • Information on the author(s) / editor(s).  Name(s), Job title(s), Affiliations, Contact information

The editors of Kikimora Publications will contact you after the proposal has been evaluated. Please note that this might take from 1 to 2 months.