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Aleksanteri Series

Aleksanteri Series is a refereed research publications series especially for seminar anthologies and textbooks.

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Latest in Aleksanteri Series

Between Utopia and Apocalypse. Essays on Social Theory and Russia.
edited by Elina Kahla

Aleksanteri Series 1:2011
ISBN 978-952-10-6568-2
338 p.
10 € + VAT 10 %


This festschrift celebrates the 60th birthday of Markku Kivinen, director of the Aleksanteri Institute. In Part I, Social Theory, Uskali Mäki addresses the potential of scientific realism, Osmo Kivinen the relevance of Searlean social ontology for social sciences, Vesa Oittinen the Kantian complex of Russian Idealism, Markku Joutsenoja the early work of Talcott Parsons, and Göran Therborn political power in Astana, Kazakhstan. Subsequent chapters discuss Chinese suburbia, social classes and hegemony, the working class in Finland as well as Finnish higher education as an export product.

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Review in International Sociology 28:5, 2013.

All titles published in Aleksanteri Series from 2006 to 2011

Elina Kahla (ed.)
Between Utopia and Apocalypse. Essays on Social Theory and Russia
Aleksanteri Series 1/2011. ISBN 978-952-10-6568-2

Joni Virkkunen, Pirjo Uimonen and Olga Davydova (eds.)
Ethnosexual Processes. Realities, Stereotypes and Narratives
Aleksanteri Series 6:2010. ISBN 978-952-10-6567-5

Meri Kulmala and Aino Saarinen (eds.)
Naistutkijana Venäjän kentillä
Aleksanteri Series 5:2010. ISBN 978-952-10-6566-8

Marja Jänis
Venäjästä suomeksi ja suomesta venäjäksi
Aleksanteri Series 4:2010. ISBN 978-952-10-6563-7

Pekka Suutari and Yury Shikalov (eds.)
Karelia Written and Sung. Representations of Locality in Soviet and Russian Contexts
Aleksanteri Seires 3:2010. ISBN 978-952-10-6565-1

Vesa Oittinen (ed.)
Max Weber and Russia.
Aleksanteri Series 2:2010. ISBN 978-952-10-5154-8

Maija Könönen, Juhani Nuorluoto and Merja Salo (toim.)
Balkanin syndrooma? Esseitä Kaakkois-Euroopan menneisyydestä, nykyisyydestä ja tulevaisuudesta
Aleksanteri Series 1:2010. ISBN 978-952-10-5151-7

Jouko Nikula (ed.)
Maaseutuaiheita - Rural Motifs. Essays in Honour of Professor Leo Granberg
Aleksanteri Series 5:2009. ISBN 978-952-10-5147-0

Elena Vartanova, Hannu Nieminen and Minna-Mari Salminen (eds.)
Perspectives to the Media in Russia: “Western” Interests and Russian Development
Aleksanteri Series 4:2009. ISBN 978-952-10-5146-3

Natalia Baschmakoff and Mari Ristolainen (eds.)
The Dacha Kingdom: Summer Dwellers and Dwellings in the Baltic Area
Aleksanteri Series 3:2009. ISBN 978-952-10-5145-6

Elina Kahla (ed.)
The Unlimited Gaze. Essays in Honour of Professor Natalia Baschmakoff
Aleksanteri Series 2:2009. ISBN 978-952-10-4102-0

Vesa Oittinen (ed.)
Aleksandr Bogdanov Revisited
Aleksanteri Series 1:2009. ISBN 978-952-10-4101-3

Raimo Blom (ed.)
Managers in Russia: Still So Different?
Aleksanteri Series 3:2008. ISBN 8-952-10-4100-6

Withold Bonner and arja Rosenholm (ed.)
Recalling the Past – (Re)constructing the Past: Collective and Individual Memory of World War II in Russia and Germany
Aleksanteri Series 2:2008. ISBN 978-952-10-4098-6

Helena Rytövuori-Apunen (ed.)
Russia Forever? Towards Working Pragmatism in Finnish/Russian Relations
Aleksanteri Series 1:2008. ISBN 978-952-10-4095-5

Markku Kangaspuro (ed.)
Constructed Identities in Europe.
Aleksanteri Series 7:2007. ISBN 978-952-10-4096-2

Marjatta Vanhala-Aniszewski and Lea Siilin (eds)
Voices and Values of Young People: Representations in Russian Media.
Aleksanteri Series 6:2007. ISBN 978-952-10-4094-8

Maria Lähteenmäki (ed.)
The Flexible Frontier: Change and Continuity in Finnish-Russian Relations.
Aleksanteri Series 5:2007. ISBN 978-952-10-4093-1

Natalia Baschmakoff, Paul Fryer and Mari Ristolainen (eds)
Texts and Communities: Soviet and Post-Soviet Life in Discourse and Practice.
Aleksanteri Series 4:2007. ISBN 978-952-10-4077-1

David Dusseault (ed.)
The Dynamics of Energy in the Eurasian Context.
Aleksanteri Series 3:2007. ISBN 978-952-10-4019-1

David Dusseault (ed.)
The CIS : Form or Substance. Aleksanteri Series 2:2007. ISBN 978-952-10-4018-4

Kristiina Kalleinen (ed.)
Venäjä ja Suomi. Juhlakirja professori Timo Vihavaiselle.
Aleksanteri Series 1:2007. ISBN 978-952-10-3905-8

Jouko Nikula (toim.)
Katse Venäjään - suomalaisen Venäjä-tutkimuksen antologia.
Aleksanteri Series 3:2006. ISBN 952-10-3204-9

Hanna Smith (ed.)
The Two-Level Game: Russia's Relations with Great Britain, Finland and the European Union.
Aleksanteri Series 2:2006. ISBN 952-10-3061-5

Jänis, Marja
Venäjästä suomeksi ja suomesta venäjäksi. Aleksanteri Series 1:2006. ISBN 952-10-2934-X