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Aleksanteri Papers

Aleksanteri Papers Series consists mainly of seminar presentations, conference papers, research reports and other scientific writings published online.


No. 1:2017 Uutismedian uudet liiketoimintamallit Yhdysvalloissa
(New Business Models in U.S. News Media)
Lehtisaari, Katja; Grönlund, Mikko; Lindén, Carl-Gustav; Villi, Mikko; Picard, Robert; Mierzejewska, Bozena; Röpnack, Axel


No. 2:2012 Interest representation and state-society realtions in East Central Europe / Terry Cox

No. 1:2012 Builders of a New Europe. Women Immigrants from the Eastern Trans-regions / Edited by Aino Saarinen and Marina Calloni


No. 2:2011 Russian Military-Industrial Complex / Irina Bystrova

No. 1:2011Social innovations and social partnerships in Finland, Russia and Lithuania (PDF)
/ Jouko Nikula


No. 2:2009 Structural development and change of the Finnish food processing industry 1995 - 2005 and challenges to make FDI's to Russian and Ukrainian markets (PDF) / Pekka Lehtonen, Arseniy Svynarenko

No. 1:2009 Preventing Terrorism in Maritime Regions. Case Analysis of the Project Poseidon (PDF) / edited by Timo Hellenberg, Pekka Visuri


No. 5:2008 The judicial and administrative reforms in the Northern Caucasus as one of the methods of reconciliation of the region (on the pattern of the establishment of the Provisional Kabardian Court) (PDF) / V.P. Ermakov and Y.Y. Klychnikov

No. 4:2008 Reproduktivnyj vybor sovremennoj sem'i (PDF in Russian) / A. A. Shabunova, O. N. Chekmareva

No. 3:2008 Development of institutions of civil society in Russia (PDF) / K. Gulin, T. Kozhina

No. 2:2008 Lapsen etu ja huolto Suomessa ja Venäjällä (PDF in Finnish) / Anna-Liisa Heusala ja Jarmo Koistinen

No. 1:2008 From Clearing Trade to Global Markets: Role of Finnish Companies in the Economic Development of the City of Kostomuksha (Abstract) (PDF in Finnish) / Jevgenia Prohorova, Vesa Rautio


No. 1:2007 Syriac Orthodox Self-Understanding and the Protestant Challenge -
A Study on the Internet Material of the Malankara Jacobite Archdiocese in North America (PDF)
/ Jaakko Antila


No. 2:2006 Working Community Structures and Employee Generations: Three Mill Communities of Northwest Russia in the 1990s, by Minna Piipponen (Pdf 311KB)

No. 1:2006
Marx ja Venäjä, edited by Vesa Oittinen (in Finnish, paperback only)


No. 6:2005 Rediscovering Ukraine, by Yegor Paanukoski ( Pdf 111KB)

No. 5:2005 A new history of Afghanistan, by Ghulam Ahmad Waak (Pdf 1003 KB)

No. 4:2005 Understanding Russian Nature: Representations, Values and Concepts, edited by Arja Rosenholm and Sari Autio-Sarasmo (paperback only) Read more

No. 3:2005 Internet, Interaction and Networking: Post-national Identities of Youth in Cities around the Baltic Sea, edited by Carsten Yndigegn, Peter Waara, Peter, Kari Paakkunainen (paperback only) Read more

No. 2:2005 Russia and the CIS - Janus-Faced Democracies, edited by Kimmo Elo and Katja Ruutu (paperback only) Read more

No. 1:2005 Rossiiskoe zakonodatel'stvo i pravovaia zashchita v nachale predprinimatel'skoi deiatel'nosti, by Anna-Liisa Heusala (in Russian, paperback only)


No. 4:2004 Puolustusvoimat ja kansainvälinen siviilikriisinhallinta, by Christer Pursiainen, Timo Hellenberg and Hanna-Mari Kivelä (in Finnish, paperback only)(out of print)

No. 3:2004 Russia-India-China: Prospects for Trilateral Cooperation, by Nivedita Das Kundu (Pdf 291 KB)

No. 2:2004 Puolustusvoimat ja sisäinen turvallisuus, by Crister Pursiainen, Timo Hellenberg and Hanna-Mari Kivelä (in Finnish, paperback only)(out of print)

No. 1:2004 Kauppaa yli rajan - pk-yritysten kokemuksia liiketoiminnasta Pohjois-Karjalassa ja Karjalan tasavallassa 1990-luvulla, by Satu Karhapää-Puhakka (in Finnish, paperback only)


No. 2:2003 Venäjän lainsäädäntö ja oikeussuoja yritystoiminnan aloittamisessa, by Anna-Liisa Heusala-Pushnov (in Finnish, paperback only)

No. 1:2003 Indo-Russian Relations: An Overview , by Nivedita Das Kundu (Pdf 291 KB)
Read more


No. 2:2001 The Institutional Foundations of Administrative Development in Russia, by Ilmari Larjavaara (Pdf 273 KB) Read more

No. 1:2001 Marja Rytkönen: Autobiographical Texts by Contemporary Russian Women (Pdf 247 KB) Read more


No. 6:2000 On Citizenship and Identity: The Case of the Baltic States and the Problems in Nationalism Today, by Sannamaaria Vanamo (Pdf 246 KB) Read more

No. 5:2000 Venäläisen osakeyhtiön muuttaminen rajavastuuyhtiöksi ja sen verotus, Merja Annala (in Finnish) (Pdf 318 KB) Read more in Finnish

No. 4:2000 Long-term borrowing in international and domestic finance markets, by Nadezhda Ivanova (Pdf 178 KB) Read more

No. 3:2000 The Management of Modernisation of Mining Communities in Northwestern Russia, by Vesa Rautio (Pdf 399 KB) Read more

No. 2:2000 Globalization and economic integration - what challenges economies in transition, by Maarit Lindström (Pdf 77 KB) Read more

No. 1:2000 Venäjän Federaation presidentti-instituutio, by Peter Mustonen (in Finnish)
(Pdf 152 KB) Read more in Finnish