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Kikimora Publications

The Aleksanteri Institute’s academic in-house publisher, Kikimora Publications, specialises in scholarly works pertaining to Russia and Eurasia particularly in the humanities and social sciences. Our four refereed series - Kikimora Dissertations, Kikimora Studies on Russia and Eastern Europe, Aleksanteri Cold War Series and Aleksanteri Series - welcome proposals on dissertations, scientific monographs, textbooks and article compilations. In addition, the Aleksanteri Institute publishes unrefereed works-in-progress, reports, surveys and separate articles in Aleksanteri Papers (online publication). Other publications are published occasionally.

Since 1997, the Kikimora Publications has released over 80 monographs and anthologies. The books are available for purchase at the Aleksanteri Institute (download a complete list of publications on sale, pdf) and book store Ruslania. Please note that packing and mailing costs will be added to the prices.

Recent publications


Poul Villaume, Ann-Marie Ekengren and Rasmus Mariager (eds.)
Northern Europe in the Cold War, 1965-1990. East-West Interactions of Trade, Culture and Security
Aleksanteri Cold War Series 3:2016

ISBN 978-951-51-0021-4

332 p.

Out of print. Download a free pdf copy here



Markku Kangaspuro and Vesa Oittinen (eds.)
Discussing Stalinism. Problems and Approaches
Aleksanteri Institute. 2015.

ISBN 978-951-51-0020-7

122 p.

Out of print. Download a free pdf copy here


Valur Ingimundarson and Rósa Magnúsdóttir (eds.)
Nordic Cold War Cultures. Ideological Promotion, Public Reception and East-West Interactions
Aleksanteri Cold War Series 2:2015

ISBN 978-951-51-0019-1

214 p.
20 € + VAT 10 %

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Pekka Sutela
Trading with the Soviet Union. The Finnish Experience 1944-1991
Kikimora Publications B 39. 2014.

ISBN 978-951-51-0017-7

152 p.
20 EUR + VAT 10 %

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All manuscripts to these series undergo a thorough double-blind peer review process. In order to start the process of submitting your work to our publication house, please take a moment to read the instructions through carefully. Kikimora Publications will offer you wholehearted assistance in managing, editing and marketing the publication, as well as overseeing the entire project from the manuscript phase to the finished book.