Research Projects

The Transition of the Karelian Forestry Sector: Economics and Politics

This project, funded by the Academy of Finland, began in early 1999 and is due to be completed at the end of 2001. It is a joint project of the Aleksanteri Institute and the University of Joensuu. The researchers involved are Anna-Liisa Myllynen from the Faculty of Forestry Science at the University of Joensuu and Katja Ruutu from the Faculty of Social and Political Science at the University of Helsinki. The project supervisors are Associate Professor Olli Saastamoinen from the University of Joensuu and Director Markku Kivinen from the Aleksanteri Institute. Anna-Liisa Myllynen is studying the funding of forestry in Russia, with the Republic of Karelia as a case study. She is spending the academic year 2000-2001 on an ASLA Fullbright scholarship at the University of Yale. Katja Ruutu is examining the administration and politics of the forestry sector in the Republic of Karelia.

Contact person: Katja Ruutu (

Duration: 1999-2001

Supervisors: Olli Saastamoinen (University of Joensuu), Markku Kivinen (Aleksanteri Institute)

Katja Ruutu, Aleksanteri Institute
Anna-Liisa Myllynen, Faculty of Forestry Science, University of Joensuu

Funding: The Academy of Finland