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The Structuration of Russia's Energy Policy and Its External Impact

The competition among states, companies and regionally based entities like the EU over the considerable energy resources in Russia is increasing. This calls for a systematic research project to overcome the present fragmentation of social scientific energy policy research into IR/ political science perspectives, and economics/business studies oriented approaches. This fragmentation has produced a poor capacity for building comprehensive theories and models of energy policy formation and of its wider implications.

The project suggests that existing energy policy research will benefit from an improved theoretical conceptualisation of the mechanisms by which material resources and material power are conjoined and simultaneously mediated by social forces and social interaction.

The project develops further the social structuration approaches of Giddens and Wendt in sociology and IR in order to build a new model of energy policy formation. The model takes into account physical/environmental, economic, informational, and institutional factors both at the domestic and international level, and accommodates state-based, as well as public and private legal entities. The model will help to specify the role of material reality in structuration theory.

Empirical data from expert interviews, primary document sources, and direct on-site observation of events will be compiled on three case studies: 1) the structuration of Russia's decision-making mechanisms and internally generated energy policy; 2) energy politics in and around Russia's northwest interface with the EU; 3) and energy politics in Russia's Asian interface in the Far East.

The project will contribute to an enhanced researcher training programme on energy policy and will produce 3 books, edited volumes, a high number of articles for international publication, as well as inform the Finnish audience by scientific and applied works and seminars

Contact person :
Markku Kivinen, Director, Aleksanteri Institute

Academy of Finland (no 122753)

01.01.2008 - 31.12.2011

Researchers (Finland):           
David Dusseault, Aleksanteri Institute
Mikko Palonkorpi, Aleksanteri Institute
Hanna Smith, Aleksanteri Institute
Pami Aalto, Aleksanteri Institute
Vesa Rautio, Aleksanteri Institute
Jeremy Smith, Aleksanteri Institute