Research Projects


Evaluation of Research on Foreign Policy and Security Policy

This project, funded by the Academy of Finland, evaluates the departments and research institutes, carrying out research in the field of foreign policy and security policy. The evaluation includes the universities of Lapland, Tampere, Turku and Helsinki (also the Aleksanteri Institute, the Tampere Peace Research Institute, and the Jean Monnet Centre in Turku) and the Department of Strategic and Defence Studies of the National Defence College, and the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

During September 2001, the departments and research institutes answer the questionnaires and provide the members of the evaluation panel with written information. In November, the evaluation panel visits all the departments and research institutes taking part in the evaluation, and discusses with the members of the staff about the research being carried out in the institute involved. These three elements - the questionnaire, written material and the discussions - will be used as the basis for the evaluation and for the final report, due to be written by the co-ordinator until March 2002.

The evaluation is organised by the Organising Committee consisting of Professor Marja Järvelä, Professor Paavo Okko and Professor Terttu Utriainen. The Organising Committee defines the institutions involved in the evaluation and the goals of it, chooses an international panel. The members of the panel are: Professor Emeritus Kalevi Holsti (University of British Columbia, Canada), Professor Tarja Cronberg (Copenhagen Peace Research Institute, Denmark), and Professor Steve Smith (University of Wales, England). The co-ordinator of the project is Dr Jouko Nikula from the Aleksanteri Institute.

Contact person: Jouko Nikula (Jouko.Nikula [at]

Duration: 1 September 2001 - 31 January 2002

Funding: The Academy of Finland