Tempus PREGO news - new books published

Aleksanteri Institute has contributed to the curriculum development at the three Russian universities: European University at St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk State University and Pomor State University. Besides contributing to to the development of new courses, the projects have served the need to obtain new, analytical teaching materials in Russia. Russian lecturers have published teaching materials in the framework of the projects.

The latest publication is entitled: "New Tricks for an Old Dog" (Новые трюки для старой собаки. Тренинги "Ресурсы развития территорий: европейский и российский опыт" by Dilorom Akhedzhanova and Dmitry Antonyuk at the European University at St. Petersburg. Other books include themes such as "Regionalism and Cross-border Co-operation in Europe", "Policy of Higher Education in Europe and Russia" "Nation States in Europe". More information can be found at the European University at St. Petersburg pages.

The books have been published in the framework of two Tempus projects: (Tempus UNEGO 2005-2007, Tempus PREGO 2008-2010). The Aleksanteri Institute has been the grant holder in these two projects, which have been funded by the European Commission.

Project’s web site: http://www.eu.spb.ru/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2276&Itemid=674

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