Promoting European Governance in the North-Western Regions of Russia (PREGO)

The Aleksanteri Institute is a grant holder in the European Commission funded Tempus project Promoting European Governance in the North-Western Regions of Russia (PREGO).

The objectives of the project are to promote European governance principles within regional and local communities in the North-Western Regions of Russia and to educate students of European studies in more practice-oriented perspectives both from the North-Western Russia and the EU.

Activities and sub-programmes of PREGO in a nutshell include the following activities:

  • Developing and updating courses that focus on European studies (curriculum development)
  • Promoting the Bologna Convention principles in the educational activities of partner countries
  • Student exchanges between EU and Russian universities
  • Developing practical training programmes on European governance for regional and local policy-makers and experts of the Russian North-west.

The project partners in the Tempus PREGO are:

  • The University of Helsinki/Aleksanteri Institute (grant-holding institution of the project)
  • The European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP)/Center for European Studies (CES) (scientific coordinator of the project)
  • Petrozavodsk State University/Department of Political and Social Science (PetrSU)
  • Pomor State University/Institute of Management, Law and Retraining in Arkhangelsk (PomorSU)
  • The University of Genoa/Department of Political and Social Studies (DISPOS).

Duration: 4/2008-2/2010

Grant holder: Markku Kivinen
Contact person at the Aleksanteri Institute: Eeva Korteniemi
Project’s web site:
Funded by:


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