Research Projects

network Project Poseidon - Preventing Terrorism in the Baltic Sea Region

Donwload the Final Report: Preventing Terrorism in Maritime Regions Case Analysis of the Project Poseidon (PDF)

Client: EC DG Freedom, Justice and Security

Duration: 1 Dec 2007 – 30 Nov 2008

Risks that affect the societies are becoming increasingly international and intertwined. It wasn’t until the terrorist bombings in London and in Madrid that the vulnerability of infrastructures became top priority in European context. Since then many regulations on aviation security have been adopted but very few regulations deal with the maritime security per se. It is therefore highly important to identify the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the maritime safety as well as to identify gaps that exist in the protective measures even in the cases where terrorism might seem very unlikely, such as in the Baltic Sea Region.

Project Poseidon aims to:

-identify the preparedness for and possible weaknesses in a complex terrorism related crisis management and rescue operation between two EU Member States taking place on a ferry.

-introduce a substantive research and develop new methods on prevention, preparedness and emergency management in preventing terrorism risk.

-organize an exercise that challenges the decision makers and especially the decision making capacity of the EU when facing a multinational crisis situation. The project will focus on the Finnish-Swedish crisis management skills but at the same time widen the scope with the Adriatic comparative approach to the maritime safety.  

Research Partners:

Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki

Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies (CATS)

Nordregio, Nordic Centre for Spatial Development (Sweden)

University of Teramo, Italy

Project Poseidon got a lot of publicity in the media, see Poseidon.pdf for a list of interviews given by Timo Hellenberg and Pekka Visuri.