Research Projects

Nordic Network for Security Studies: Russia in the Nordic Security

The network project, led by Christer Pursiainen and administrated by Aleksanteri Institute, is a part of a joint Nordic Security Research Programme comprising six subprojects and almost one hundred researchers from Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Island. One of the main ideas behind the programme is to (re)create the research contacts within the Nordic security studies community in order to increase efficiency, to benefit from synergy and to find a firmer basis for fruitful communication.

For this purpose, the subproject 'Russia in the Nordic Security' has a core team of researchers, representing the Russian studies community in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. For the moment there are eleven members. The group is open to changes and enlargement as far as it is practically and financially possible.

One of the forms of co-operation of the network are collective meetings and workshops. The network group has produced and will produce traditional and online publications, among others an edited book to be finished by 2004 that will include the best results of the individual and group papers developed during the process. Part of the funding will be used to attract a new generation of students to specialise themselves within the field of Russian studies with a special focus on Nordic security. This takes place in terms of using research assistants and giving grants.

The results of the network are reported on its website. The maintenance of the website itself, including documents, links, bibliographies etc. related to the subject matter, is one form of network activity, aimed at helping students, scholars and practitioners who are interested in the role of Russia in Northern Europe's security.

Web site:

Researchers: Christer Pursiainen, Finland (responsible leader)
Henrikki Heikka, Finland
Bent-Erik Bakken, Norway
Tor Bukkvoll, Norway
Helge Blakkisrud, Norway
Jakub Godzimirsky, Norway
Ingmar Oldberg, Sweden
Jakob Hedenskog, Sweden
Ib Faurby, Denmark
Märta-Lisa Magnusson, Denmark
Mette Skak, Denmark

Duration: 2001-2004

Funding: The Nordic Council of Ministers and the respective countries' defence ministries