Research Projects


Missing in Karelia: American Finnish Victims of Stalin’s Purges

The Missing in Karelia research project studies the lives of Finnish Canadians who moved to Soviet Karelia during the 1920s and 1930s. The objective of the cooperative, multinational project was to understand the factors that produced the voluntary mass exodus known as “Karelia Fever”. It studied the fates of the Finnish Canadians in Russia and seeked to comprehend how terror was implemented on the local level.

The research shared archival information, documents from private individuals, and achieved research results in the Missing in Karelia web pages (no longer available), scholarly lectures, and publications.

Scholars in three universities oversee the project: Markku Kangaspuro, Aleksanteri instituutti, University of Helsinki, Finland;
Irina Takala, Petrozavodsk State University, Russia;
Varpu Lindström, York University, Toronto, Canada.

Social Sciences and Humanities, Research Council of Canada 154 000 $

2006 –2009