Projects overview

One of the Aleksanteri Institute’s central tasks is the development, administration and implementation of research projects, extensive research programmes and non-academic projects. See the list of ongoing projects and research groups on the left panel!

The Institute aims to serve as a multidisciplinary think-tank for Finnish researchers involved in research on Russia and Eastern Europe. Our intention is to add value to this field of research by eliminating overlapping activities, finding additional financial resources for the field of research and study and increasing networks between scholars and society.

The Institute’s own research activities are intended to be carried out in connection with broader research projects or programmes, conducted in cooperation with other research institutes, both in Finland and abroad. Furthermore, the Institute’s staff and visiting scholars contribute their own projects to the Institute’s research agenda.

Academic and non-academic - channelling Finnish know-how

In addition to its involvement in academic research projects, the Institute participates in several non-academic projects, both Finnish and international. These projects channel Finnish know-how for the benefit of society at large, and cooperation is promoted between interested parties in Finland, the EU and target countries. Training projects, seminars and database projects, many of which involve research, are typical examples of this kind of activity.