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EUROBALTIC Civil Protection Projects

Aleksanteri Institute is a partner in the EUROBALTIC Civil Protection Project II, an initiative of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS). The project is part of the Eurobaltic Programme for Civil Protection and a follow-up to the EUROBALTIC Civil Protection Project I carried out in 2003-2006.

The aim of the EUROBALTIC Civil Protection Project II is to gather cross-sector and transnational competence and experience in civil protection. By improving abilities of individuals and organisations, many negative effects from disasters and emergencies, can be prevented and reduced. Thus, the focus of the project is on the sharing of information, experiences and lessons learned. Research on civil protection issues is carried out by the CIVPRO Civil Protection Network which was established by the project in 2006 and is coordinated by Aleksanteri Institute.

EUROBALTIC II consists of 36 partners representing national, regional and local emergency and rescue services, emergency services training institutions, research institutes, governmental and regional authorities and voluntary organisations. EUROBALTIC projects are funded by the Interreg III B Programme, national co-financing and company sponsoring.

Eurobaltic I (Mar 2003 - Mar 2006)

Thematic Focus

  • Risk Assessment and Mapping
  • Cooperation with Non-State Actors
  • Transnationality, Cross-Sectorality and Regionality
  • New Technologies: Decision Support Systems
  • Institution and Human Capacity Building


  • Common identification of risks and needs for actions in the BSR.
  • Joint understanding of priorities in addressing the shortcomings in the civil protection capabilities.
  • 9 reports

Eurobaltic II (Jan 2006 - Dec 2007)


  • Advancing risk management and spatial development.
  • Building transnational capacity through exercises, training, education and research.
  • Promoting safety over sectors and borders.

Eurobaltic Publications 1
Risk assessment and mapping - safety dimensions of spatial and physical planning
by Timo Hellenberg and Sigrid Hedin (pdf 974 KB)

Eurobaltic Publications 2
Injury prevention and safety promotion based on safe community principles in the Baltic Sea
by Anna Halonen (pdf 502 KB)

Eurobaltic Publications 3
Civil protection systems in the Baltic Sea region
by Christer Pursiainen, Sigrid Hedin and Timo Hellenberg (pdf 1463 KB)

Eurobaltic Publications 4
Cross-Border Risks in the Baltic Sea Region: Lessons to Be Learned
by Timo Hellenberg and Sigrid Hedin

EUROBALTIC Report on Risk Management - Compiling the Presentations and Results from Arboga, Kouvola and Karslkoga Seminars in 2004-2005 (pdf 63,1 MB)

Information Technologies and Decision Support Systems in Civil Protection
by Timo Hellenberg (pdf 564 KB)

Eurobaltic Case Study Report: Regionalization of Finnish Rescue Services

by Anna Halonen & Timo Hellenberg (pdf 223 KB)

Study Report on Alarm Systems and Early Warning in the Baltic Sea Region
by Anna Halonen, Rens Verboeket and Sigrid Hedin (pdf 154 KB)

The EUROBALTIC I (2003-2006) Project on Civil Protection in the Baltic Sea
Region: Best Practices and Lessons Learned - Summary Report
(pdf 324kb)

Contact persons at the Aleksanteri Institute

Timo Hellenberg – Liaison Head
Tel. +358-9-191 28606, GSM +358-40 505 0157, office(AT)hellenberg.org

Anna Halonen – Coordinator
Tel. +358-9-191 28664, GSM. +358-50 356 5802, anna.halonen(AT)helsinki.fi

Terhi Elomaa – Researcher
Tel. +358-9-191 23660, terhi.elomaa(AT)helsinki.fi

Anne Pynnönen – Project Secretary
Tel. +358-9-191 23663, anne.pynnonen(AT)helsinki.fi


EU Lippu Project part-financed by the European Union
(European Regional Development Fund)
within the BSR INTERREG III B Programme