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Energy partnership

The New Northern Dimension and the Possibility of an Energy Partnership – Cooperation between Norway and Finland 

This research project concentrates on the new Northern Dimension (ND) which in November 2006 was transformed into a common policy between the EU, Iceland, Norway and Russia. Through integrated cooperation between Finnish and Norwegian research teams the project intends to assess the performance and prospects of the ND Environmental Partnership (NDEP), the planned logistics and transport sector partnership, and a proposed energy partnership. Other forms of cooperation in the ND area such as Barents and Baltic Sea cooperation and management of fisheries issues will also be examined with an eye on pointing at best practices.

The Finnish and Norwegian perspectives on the ND’s performance, future development and ability to embrace Russian actors are especially pertinent. The Norwegian case is capable of providing some welcome insights into best practices in how energy policy is made to benefit everyone, and into how energy and environment can best be linked with each other. The Finnish case offers a model of extensive and natural regional co-operation across several sectors of policy, Finland being the initiator of the ND policy, important trade partner for Northwest Russia in particular, and a key protagonist of the ND environmental partnership.

The interlinked Finnish and Norwegian research projects each comprise experts from Norway and Finland, and will provide policy advice, observations, insights and visions for policy makers as well as the academic community. The interlinked projects will try to work closely with both lower (executive) and higher (policy makers) level officials and the academia. The approach will be critical but constructive policy analysis. The aim is to assess existing areas of co-operation, propose solutions to identified policy problems, and highlight new areas of cooperation, as well as to make the new ND widely known in the ND partner countries and propose ways in which an energy partnership can be included in the ND partnership programmes.

Eurasia Energy Group Aleksanteri Institute
Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway

1 April 2007 – 31 May 2008

Researchers (Finland):           
Pami Aalto, Aleksanteri Institute (contact person)
Hanna Smith, Aleksanteri Institute
Kari Liuhto, Pan-European Institute      
Nina Tynkkynen, University of Tampere
Katri Pynnöniemi, Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Publication: The New Northern Dimension Of The European Neighbourhood edited by Pami Aalto, Helge Blakkisrud & Hanna Smith. Brussels: 2008, Centre for European Policy Studies.

Downloadable at the CEPS web site: