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Civil Protection Early Warning

Client: EC DG Environment, Community Action Programme in the Field of Civil Protection

The project aims at developing risk assessment/management systems and improving knowledge and expertise especially from the perspective of Civil Protection early warning. It investigates, reviews, compares, evaluates and develops early warning systems in general as well as within three issue areas of Civil Protection, namely Floods, Critical Infrastructure Protection and Maritime Safety. The project deals particularly with the “bottleneck” puzzle of an early warning. This is the period between the first, sometimes rather “weak” signals, on the one hand, and the response, on the other hand. The project outcome includes one book and four seminars/conferences.

External partners:
Emergency Services College (EMC), Finland
Timo Hellenberg, Finland
ISIG – Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia, Department of Mass Emergencies, Italy

Duration: 2007

Further information:
Project leader: Dr Christer Pursiainen christer.pursiainen at