Research Projects


Towards a Regional Strategy of Critical Infrastructure Protection in the Baltic Sea Region

Modern societies are based on the functioning of critical infrastructure networks. Protecting these networks from threats such as terrorist attacks or natural disasters is crucial as their disruption or destruction would have severe impact on the security of citizens or the effective functioning of the society.

The project supports the forthcoming European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP). The focus is on the specific perspective of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) where each country has its own national policies and structures concerning CIP. The project is funded by the EC DG Freedom, Justice and Security and participating institutions.


  • Advancing the EU strategy at BSR level
  • Considering specific features in the BSR (climate, technological capabilities)
  • Focusing on all cross-border risks (terrorism, all-hazard risks)

Cases to be studied

  • Transnational cross-border energy networks
  • Maritime security in oil transportations
  • Ground water availability in emergencies
  • Information infrastructure
  • North European gas pipeline

January 2007 - December 2007

Lead partner
Nordregio ( Sweden )

Research partners
Aleksanteri Institute ( Finland ), Communications Laboratory of the HUT ( Finland ), Emergency Services College ( Finland ), Geological Survey of Finland , Infrastruktur & Umwelt ( Germany )

Advisory partners
EADS Secure Networks Oy (Finland), Ministry of Defence (Finland), National Emergency Supply Agency (Finland), Rescue Department, Ministry of Interior (Finland), Swedish Emergency Management Agency, The Main School of Fire Service (Poland)

Contact persons at the Aleksanteri Institute
Timo Hellenberg - Liaison Head
Tel. +358-9-191 28606, GSM +358-40 505 0157, office(AT)

Piia Nikula - Researcher
Tel. +358-9-191 23659, GSM +358-50 300 3975, piia.nikula(AT)