Research Groups and Networks


Nordforsk Project
Northern Europe - from Cold War Division to Restructured Europe

The network Northern Europe - from the Cold War Division to Restructured Europe is formed by three expert institutes: the Aleksanteri Institute, CBEES, and NUPI. They are also leading national research and research training centres in the field of Russian Studies. The network consists of research groups that are based in these institutes.

The network's aim is to invigorate a scholarly Nordic perspective on the former USSR and Northern Europe after the Cold War. The Nordic countries share many features, making their relation to the Baltic countries, Russia and Eastern Europe similar, yet on the other hand their position during the Cold War was very different, causing different interpretations and perspectives in their research.

By creating a base for future research networks and joint doctoral training, we aim to contribute to the development of a shared Nordic perspective. To improve understanding of how this post-Cold War Northern Europe is constructed, the network's aim is to concentrate on three issues that it considers to be relevant in order to understand the new images, concepts and systems that are shaping developments in Northern Europe including Russia:

  • Changing international systems in the Northern European Region
  • Intersectional identities within Northern Europe
  • Media - impact and images
Paricipants: University of Helsinki, Aleksanteri Institute
Södertörn University College, Sweden
Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway
Duration: January 2007- December 2009
Contact persons: Director Markku Kivinen
Senior Researcher Sari Autio-Sarasmo