Research Projects

CIVPRO - Baltic Sea Region Research Network for Civil Protection

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Risks are becoming increasingly international and now affect all sectors of society. Protecting human life, the environment and critical infrastructure from man-made accidents, terrorist attacks and natural disasters has become an important issue within European Union. These new security threats and risks are one of the priority research areas in Aleksanteri Institute. The main focus is on the threats in the Baltic Sea Region.

CIVPRO - The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Research Network for Civil Protection was formed in 2006 within the EUROBALTIC II Project for Civil Protection , which is part of the Eurobaltic Programme for Civil Protection initiated by the Council of the Baltic Sea States. The BSR Research Network aims to conduct studies addressing research questions in civil protection, risk management and emergency preparedness. The Network currently consists of nine partners and is coordinated by Aleksanteri Institute.

Goals of the Network

  • Performing the highest quality research using state-of-the-art experimental approaches and risk mapping technologies.
  • Building a premier web-based knowledge base disseminating accurate and detailed definitions of various risks at the BSR.
  • Collaborating with the experts within and beyond the network in cross-cutting areas of civil protection, risk management and emergency preparedness.
  • Advocating civil protection questions in a wider community of academia, industry, and governmental authorities.

Aleksanteri Institute is involved in the following projects:

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Lead partner
Aleksanteri Institute (projects have their own lead partners)

Research partners
Crismart, Crisis Management Research and Training (Sweden); Emergency Services College (Finland); Heuni, European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control; Fire & Rescue Department, Ministry of Interior (Lithuania); Geological Survey of Finland; Nordregio, Nordic Centre for Spatial Development (Sweden); Main School of Fire Service (Poland); Swedish Rescue Services Agency

Contact persons at the Aleksanteri Institute
Timo Hellenberg - Liaison Head
Tel. +358-9-191 28606, GSM +358-40 505 0157, office(AT)

Anna Halonen - Coordinator
Tel. +358-9-191 28664, GSM. +358-50 356 5802, anna.halonen(AT)

Piia Nikula - Researcher
Tel. +358-9-191 23659, GSM +358-50 300 3975, piia.nikula(AT)