Death care in Russia: How infrastructure produces power and ritual?

Guest lecture by Sergey Mokhov: "Death care in Russia: How infrastructure produces power and ritual?"

Time: Monday 9.10.2017 at 14:00-15:30
Venue: Aleksanteri Institute 2nd floor meeting room, Unioninkatu 33

Russian death care industry succeed its infrastructural model from the USSR. In modern Russia, material units of funeral infrastructure (cemeteries, morgues, crematoriums) are controlled by local authorities, while attempts to establish private death care infrastructure face significant limitations. In a situation of legal uncertainty, the death care industry in modern Russia may be described as an informal network of various agents — local officials, service providers, business owners — selling and buying access to the infrastructure. How does this affect common practices and the funeral tradition? Sergei Mokhov will present his research based on ethnographic fieldwork conducted in a number of Russian regions.

Sergei Mokhov, sociologist (Khamovniki Foundation/HSE Moscow), principle editor of the journal “Archeology of Russian Death”