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In the News & Events Archive you'll find information about past conferences, lectures, seminars and other significant events at the Institute. From 2010 onwards, also research and publication news are included.

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News and Events in 2017

In 2017 the Aleksanteri Institute had the pleasure of hosting over 70 public events reaching altogether more than 2500 participants. Our domestic and international research networks and study programmes continued to grow spurring inspiring new contacts. We'd like to thank everyone for cooperation in 2017. Happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year!

Visiting Fellows Research Seminar with Yoko Hirose: "Russian Policy for Post-Soviet Unrecognized States and Regions: Similarities and Differences"

Nainen neuvostoelokuvassa. Seminar in Finnish at the National Audiovisual Institute. (In Finnish)

Visiting Fellows Research Seminar with Anna Temkina: "Russian Women as Mothers, Consumers, Citizens and Patients: Childbirth Care in St.Petersburg"

Visiting Fellows Research Seminar with Yuriy Matsiyevsky: "Revolutionary Outcomes in Hybrid Regimes: the Case of Ukraine"

naugural lectures by new professors at the University of Helsinki
Vladimir Gel'man:
"Agency Matters: Explaining Post-Soviet Political Regime Dynamics"

Guest lecture by Professor Veljko Vujačić:"Russian and Serbian nationalism after Communism"

Seminar “Armenia and South Caucasus - Bridge or Border”

Visiting Fellows Research Seminar with Irina Busygina: "Coalition-Building: Russian Style"

100-vuotiaat naapurit: Suomi ja Venäjä. Final event in the #Suomi100 lecture series was entitled Yhteiset globaalit haasteet. Speakers: Christer Pursiainen and Pekka Haavisto.

Symposium “Chinese Economy and Marxism”
organised in collaboration with Finnish Marx Society and World Association of Political Economy (WAPE).

The 17th Annual Aleksanteri Conference "Russia's Choices for 2030" took place in the University of Helsinki Main Building on October 25 - 27, 2017. With its close to 400 participants and 50 panels, the conference was once again the top moment of the academic year. Thanks to all participants and see you next year!

Russian Media Lab seminar "Freedom of speech and critical journalism in Russia - Taking Stock of Current Realities"

The image of bulgaria in finnish travel narratives – outdated or in need of an update? An afternoon seminar in collaboration with the Bulgarian Embassy in Finland and Lecti Culture Centre

Visiting Fellows Research Seminar with Shaban Darakchi: "Modernization of Gender Roles and Sexuality Among the Bulgarian Muslims

Thinkfest Tiedesauna on Russia and climate change (in Finnish)

Guest lecture
Sergey Mokhov: "Death care in Russia: How infrastructure produces power and ritual?"

100-vuotiaat naapurit: Suomi ja Venäjä - Talous (in Finnish only)

 International research seminar on contemporary Russian policy-making

Memory of the Finnish events of 1905-1906 in the Great Russian Revolution of 1917
Seminar in St. Petersburg

Visiting Fellows Research Seminar with Ulrike Ziemer: "Geopolitical Challenges and National Identity in Armenia: Domestic Insecurities and the Russian Security Discourse"

100-vuotiaat naapurit: Suomi ja Venäjä - Ulkopolitiikkaa Suomessa ja Venäjällä (in Finnish only)

10th Anniversary Seminar of the Visiting Fellows Programme "A Global Look at Russia". Registration for the afternoon seminar open until Monday 21.8.

Visiting Fellows Research Seminar with Eleanor Bindman: "Substituting for the Welfare State? Welfare Governance and Non-state Actors in Contemporary Russia"

Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Katya Tolstaya (VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands): Theology after Gulag as a New Interdisciplinary Research Field: Academic and Societal Pros and Cons

Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Olga Shevchenko (Williams College, USA): Empire in the Album: Soviet Travel Photography and Generational Memories of Socialism Today

Seminar 'Dialogue Between Finland and Japan on Russian Politics and Economy

Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Linda J. Cook (Brown University, USA): Russia's Socially-Oriented NGOs in the Context of Reform

International conference "Critical Issues in the Research of Contemporary Russian Politics"
TIME: 1-2 June 2017
VENUE: Hall 13, Main Building of the University of Helsinki, Fabianinkatu 33.

Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Anna Paretskaya (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA): Protest Movements and the Culture of Democratic Liberty: The Example of Street Mobilization in Russia, 2011–2012

International seminar on Russia and freedom of expression 'Media, Capital, and Culture: Institutional Spaces in Between'
TIME: 10:15-17:30 
VENUE: Aleksanteri Institute, 2nd floor seminar room (Unioninkatu 33)

Teaching demonstration for the Invited Professorship in Russian Politics by Vladimir Gel'man 'Problems of the Rule of Law in Russia'

Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Oleksandr Fisun (V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine): Informal Politics and Neopatrimonial Democracy After Ukraine’s Euromaidan Revolution

Studia Humaniora: Russia 1917: Daniel Orlovsky: The Russian Provisional Government of 1917: A Centennial View
TIME: Tuesday, May 9th, at 6:15 p.m.
PLACE: University of Helsinki Main Building (Unioninkatu 34), Auditorium XIV

8.5.2017 Aleksanteri News 1/2017 published


The cover of this year’s first issue of Aleksanteri News expresses support for the European University at St. Petersburg and the Central European University in Budapest. Inside, you will find useful information on a number of upcoming events and read about the diversity of the research that is conducted at the Aleksanteri Institute. For example, there are ongoing projects about energy and security, migration and the evolution of authoritarian systems. The ‘Face of the Month’ in this issue is Librarian Emilia Pyykönen, who discusses the importance of collaboration between researchers and information experts and reveals the secrets of new electronic resources! Check out the latest publication news and updates on the institute’s study programmes, and learn about the Aleksanteri community by reading greetings from our new employees and visiting fellows!


International seminar: Commanding the Environment or Green Dictatorships? Nature-Culture – Nature-Society Relationships in Authoritarian Regimes at the Aleksanteri Institute, in Helsinki.

Multiculturalism and inter-religious tolerance: the experience of Azerbaijan and its significance for Europe Conference organized in collaboration wirh Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of Finland.

Photo by: Hamid Bagirov.

Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Stacy Closson (Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, USA): Russian Behavior in the Arctic: Regional, Middle or Hegemonic Power?
TIME: 2.15 pm
VENUE: Aleksanteri Institute, Unioninkatu 33, 2nd floor Meeting room
The seminar exceptionally takes place on Wednesday.

Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Marcin Kaczmarski (University of Warsaw, Poland): The Eurasian Union and the New Silk Road: Russia and China’s Visions of a Regional Order Between Regionalism and Empire
TIME: 2.15 pm
VENUE: Aleksanteri Institute, Unioninkatu 33, 2nd floor Meeting room

Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Luke March (University of Edinburgh, UK): Our countries, right or wrong? Russian and US nationalism compared

Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Barbara Gaweda (University of Edinburgh, UK): Recent gendered political mobilizations in Poland: the ‘war on gender’ and the ‘black protest’
TIME: 2.15 pm
VENUE: Aleksanteri Institute, Unioninkatu 33, 2nd floor Meeting room

Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Galina Miazhevich (University of Leicester, UK): Mediation of Xenophobia in Post-Soviet Belarus
TIME: 2.15 pm
VENUE: Aleksanteri Institute, Unioninkatu 33, 2nd floor Meeting room

GUEST LECTURE by H.E. Mr. Andrei Galbur, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova: Moldova at a Geopolitical Fault Line

The topic refered to the security challenges of Moldova, which finds itself on a geopolitical fault line that is actually crossing the country's territory, breaking up the society, and most importantly the mindset of people.

TIME: Monday, 13 March 2017, 2:30 p.m.
VENUE: Aleksanteri Institute Meeting room, 2nd floor (address: Unioninkatu 33, entrance via the inner courtyard)

2:00 p.m. Coffee (please be sure to be seated by 2:20 p.m.)
2:30-3:30 p.m. Guest Lecture by H.E. Mr. Andrei Galbur, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova: Moldova at a Geopolitical Fault Line Q & A

The lecture was chaired by Acting Director of the Aleksanteri Institute, Professor Markku Kangaspuro.

Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Ulla Pape (University of Bremen, Germany): Confronting HIV/AIDS in Russia and Ukraine: A Comparative Study on Epidemic Impact and Policy Response

Seminar organized by Hokkaido University and Aleksanteri Institute “Slavic-Eurasia’s Northern Tier: Finland, Russia, Japan”
TIME: Thursday & Friday 2-3 March, 2017
VENUE: University of Helsinki Main Building (Unioninkatu 34), Aud. XII & Aleksanteri Institute (Unioninkatu 33, entrance via inner yard), Conference Room, 2nd floor

Programme (pdf)

REGISTRATION: by Friday 24 February: If you have additional questions please contact

Call for papers for 17th Annual International Aleksanteri Conference entitled "Russia's Choices for 2030" published. The Conference will focus on Russian actors, who are making the choices on the way to 2030; explore the multiple structures and environments within which these actors are making these choices; and analyse the legacies of the pre-Soviet, Soviet, and post-Soviet periods which, in turn, are shaping Russia’s choices. The deadline for submitting paper, panel, and roundtable proposals is 15 May 2017. Conference website.

Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Tatiana Artemyeva (Herzen State Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg, Russia): Philosophy of Russian Enlightenment in Soviet Historiography
TIME: 2.15 pm
VENUE: Aleksanteri Institute, Unioninkatu 33, 2nd floor Meeting room

New Postdoctoral Researcher to the Russian MediaLab project

PhD Mariëlle Wijermars starts as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Russian MediaLab project. In particular, her research interests include contemporary Russian politics, propaganda and censorship, the politicisation of history and the use of media as a tool of national and foreign politics in Eastern Europe. Read more »»

Guest lecture by Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary: The Future of the EU and the Relations with Russia from the Perspective of Hungary. Interview: The European Union, Russia and international challenges

Seminar: The Erosion of the Rule of Law in East Central Europe

Aleksanteri Insight 1/2017

To date, the impact of the federal energy policy on local sustainable development has not been systematically investigated, writes Daria Gritsenko.

Aleksanteri Insight 1/2017: A local perspective on energy development in the high north


Doctoral Defence: Elina Viljanen: THE PROBLEM OF THE MODERN AND TRADITION: Early Soviet Musical Culture and the Musicological Theory of Boris Asafiev (1884–1949)

The Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki is announcing three new positions, located at the Aleksanteri Institute: assistant/associate professors in Russian law and administration, in Russian big data methodology and in Russian environmental studies. The positions are part of the University of Helsinki City Centre Campus strategic development initiative, which is opening altogether 17 new vacancies for professors or assistant/associate professors. Deadline for applications was 15 February 2017.

The multidisciplinary research project Russian Media Lab, coordinated at the Aleksanteri Institute, organized the seminar “Active Media Spaces: Dialogues on Russian Media, Culture and Institutions” in St. Petersburg. The seminar’s panels concentrated on the current developments of Russian media landscape, addressing both institutional and grassroots tendencies. One of the seminar’s highlights was the roundtable “Media Literacy and Media Education in Russia Today,” which introduced the viewpoint of St. Petersburg-based journalists and media professionals to the research community. 

Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Ilya Kalinin (Saint Petersburg State University, Russia): Protest Movement in Russia (2011-2012). Cultural distinctions and political similarities: dialectics of the defeat
TIME: 2.15 pm
VENUE: Aleksanteri Institute, Unioninkatu 33, 2nd floor Meeting room


Competition in Socialist Society (Routledge, 2014), edited by Katalin Miklóssy and Melanie Ilic, has been reviewed in Contemporary European History with praises. According to the book review, “the book conceptualises Eastern European history in fresh ways”. The volume is based on a three-year international collaborative project, Competition in Socialist Society (2010-2012).

Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Dilyara Suleymanova (University of Zurich, Switzerland): Schooling the sense of belonging: education, language and identity politics in post-Soviet Tatarstan

Aleksanteri Institute Visiting Fellowships 2017-2018 - CALL OPEN 9 January – 10 February 2017
The Aleksanteri Institute’s Visiting Fellows Programme invites applications for Aleksanteri Visiting Fellowships for the academic year 2017-2018 from scholars holding a PhD degree and pursuing research that relates to the Institute's research agenda. The fellowship carries a monthly stipend to cover the expenses related to the research visit, which can range from one to three months. The Visiting Fellowship scheme is intended for scholars who reside outside Finland. The call is open from 9 January until 10 February 2017. More information on the fellowships and on the application procedure.

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