Aleksanteri Institute Visiting Fellows Research Seminars

This series of seminars presents ongoing work of the Visiting Fellows and other guest researchers of the Aleksanteri Institute.

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Aleksanteri Institute Visiting Fellows Research Seminars continue in the spring semester 2015.

Programme Autumn 2014

Time: Thursdays, starting at 14:15
Venue: Aleksanteri Institute, Unioninkatu 33, Meeting room 2nd floor

Please note that this programme may be subject to change.

28 August
Jeremy Morris
, University of Birmingham, UK
Russia's Worthless Dowry? - an Ethnographic Study of the Blue-Collar Monotown

4 September
Olga Kniazeva, University of British Columbia, Canada
Opposition and Dissent in Petro-States: International Oil Markets and Political Mobilization in Russia

11 September
Charles Walker,
University of Southampton, UK
'It's like, I don't want to connect my life with this occupation'. Working-class young men, masculinities, and social mobility in contemporary Russia.

25 September
Dmitry Efremenko, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
EU – Ukraine – Russia: confrontation or coexistence?

2 October
Ina Merdjanova, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Grounding Interreligious Dialogue for Peacebuilding: A Gender Perspective from the Balkans

9 October
Edwin Bacon, University of London, UK
Writing Russia's Future: a Century of Discerning Russia's Path

30 October
Regina Smyth
, Indiana University, USA
What Just Happened?  Competing Opposition Narratives of Russia’s Snow Revolution


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