Evald Ilyenkov – Prospects and Retrospects in Philosophy and Psychology

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An international symposium arranged by the Aleksanteri Institute and the Centre of Research on Activity, Development and Learning (CRADLE), University of Helsinki

15th and 16th of April, 2014
at the Aleksanteri Institute, Unioninkatu 33, Seminarium Room at the 2nd Floor

The methodological ideas of the Soviet philosopher and theoretician of the Activity Approach Evald Ilyenkov continue to exert their influence, as attested, for example, by a recent book Dialectics of the Ideal (ed. by Alex Levant and Vesa Oittinen, Brill/Historical Materialism series, 2013). The Aleksanteri Institute and the CRADLE wiill organize, in the aftermath of the book publication and a recent Ilyenkov conference in Russia, a two-day symposium on the different aspects of the heritage of Ilyenkov.


Tuesday, 15th of April

  • Alex Levant to be specified later (but on Ilyenkov's concept of the Ideal)
  • Pentti MäättänenLogic of action: Iljenkov, Peirce and Dewey
  • Reijo Miettinen & Hannele Kerosuo – Ascending from abstract to concrete and practical experimentation: The case of knoworking in construction design
  • Annalisa Sannino: –Ascending from the abstract to the concrete and double stimulation: What is their relationship?
  • Yrjö Engeström: –Concept formation in the wild: Iljenkov's relevance rediscovered

Wednesday, 16th of April

  • Corinna Lotz, Gerry Gold –  Contradictions within the Ideal, Mediation and  Transformation in Global Capitalist Society
  • Miika Kabata Evald Ilyenkov and the Reflection Determination of the Commodity Form
  • Paula Rauhala – Ilyenkov as a Premonetary Value-Theorist
  • Vesa OittinenIlyenkov and Helvétius' Thesis "L'homme est  tout éducation"

In addition, there will be a short presentation of the book Dialectics of the Ideal.

The programme is subject to change and will be defined closer to date.
For more information, please contact Vesa Oittinen: vesa.oittinen [ at ] helsinki.fi

Download a printable version of the programme here (pdf)