Aleksanteri Institute Visiting Fellows Research Seminars

This series of seminars presents ongoing work of the Visiting Fellows and other guest researchers of the Aleksanteri Institute.

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Programme Spring 2013

Time: Thursdays, starting at 14:15
Venue: Aleksanteri Institute, Unioninkatu 33, Meeting room 2nd floor

Please note that this programme may be subject to change.

21 February
Mikhail Suslov,
Uppsala University, Sweden / Russian Institute for Cultural Research (Moscow), Russia
Debating Authenticity: Appropriation of Slavophilism in Modern Russian Political Philosophy and Ideology

28 February
Thomas Bremer,
University of Münster, Germany
State, Nation, and Church in Orthodoxy - A Difficult Relationship

14 March
Melanie Feakins
, University of California, Berkeley, United States
Making Offshore Spaces: How Experimenting with Arbitrage Stretches, Layers, Deepens, and Bulges the Offshore from Russia to Ukraine

21 March
Marianna Muravyeva, Herzen State Pedagogical University, Russia and Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki
Bytovukha: Family Violence in Soviet Russia

4 April
Eric Pardo Sauvageot, Visiting PhD student, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Energy Disputes between Russia and Ukraine: A Case Study of Russian Policy Making

18 April
Olga Malinova,
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
In Search of a “Usable Past”: Dilemmas of Symbolic Politics in Post-Soviet Russia

25 April
Robert Kaiser,
University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States
Becoming-Stateless in Estonia

2 May
Elena Omelchenko,
Higher School of Economics, St Petersburg / Ul’ianovsk State University, Russia
Protesting youth in Russia: «Pussy Riot» example

16 May
Barbara Falk, Canadian Forces College / Royal Military College of Canada / University of Toronto, Canada
The Dichotomy of Dissidence: Reassessing Freedom Fighters and Moscow’s Dupes

30 May
Dieter Segert, University of Vienna, Austria
Something is going wrong: How to understand better the controversies on democracy and its crises after 1989 in Eastern Europe?

6 June
Arthur Mason,
University of California, Berkeley, United States
Assessing intermediary expertise in High North oil and gas development

13 June

Bettina Renz, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
Russian strategic thinking, doctrine and the changing character of war

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