Enlightenment and History: A View from Northern Europe and Russia

An International Symposium at the Finland House in St.Petersburg, Russia,
29.—30. August, 2013

The Aleksanteri Institute of the University of Helsinki and the Centre for History of Ideas in St.Petersburg are organising an international symposium on the views on history and historical processes during the Enlightenment age in Northern Europe and Russia. The symposium is a continuation of the previous “Northern Lights” symposia held in 2009 and 2012 At the same time, it relates to the Centre of Excellence project of the Aleksanteri Institute on the modernization processes in Russia by expounding and comparing the role of Enlightenment thought in creating the outlines of a modern society in Scandinavia and in Russia. The symposium will take place in the Finland House in St. Petersburg (Ul. Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 8).

Printable programme (pdf)

For further information, please ask Dr. Vesa Oittinen

Aleksanteri Institute
Unioninkatu 33
FIN—00014 University of Helsinki

e-mail: vesa.oittinen [at] helsinki.fi


Thursday, 29th of August

  • 10.00 – 10.40 Tatiana Artemyeva (Prof., Herzen State Pedagogical  University) – History between the State and Academia in the Enlightenment
  • 10.40 – 11.20 Oili Pulkkinen (Dr., University of Jyväskylä) – Translating Antiquity during the Scottish Enlightenment
  • 11.20 – 12.00 Carola Häntsch (Dr., University of Greifswald) – Zum Geschichtsverständnis Herders (zwischen Aufklärung und Romantik) im Licht der Aufklärungs-Forschung in der DDR
  • 12.00—13.00 Lunch
  • 13.00 – 13.40 Mikko Lahtinen (Dr., University of Tampere) – Montesquieu and the Role of 'Physical' and 'Moral' Causes in the History of Nations
  • 13.40 – 14.20 Pekka Hongisto (MA, Helsinki) – History and Nature in the Radicalization of Philosophy: Rousseau, d´Holbach,  Diderot and Thorild
  • 14.20 – 15.00 Alla  Zlatopolskaia (Dr., St. Petersburg State University) – La polémique entre Voltaire et Rousseau sur l'histoire de la Russie et la pensée russe
  • 15.30 – Presentation of Voltaire’s Library at the Biblioteka im. Saltykova-Shchedrina (Guide:  Dr. Zlatopolskaia)

Friday, 30th of August

  • 10.00 – 10.40 Mikhail Mikeshin (Prof., Gornyi Universitet, St. Petersburg) – History as a Family Affair: An Aristocratic View
  • 10.40 – 11.20 Teemu Ikonen (Dr., University of Tampere) – The Critique of Narrative Thinking in the French Enlightenment and History
  • 11.20 – 12.00 Kimmo Sarje (Dr. ) – Anders Chydenius on Masters' and Servants' Rights
  • 12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
  • 13.00 – 13.40 Jaroslava Novikova (Dr., State University of St.Petersburg) – Enlightened Monarch Catherine the Great in Fiction of the 1st Half of the 19th Century: J. L. Runeberg’s Nadeschda and Alexander Pushkin’s The Captain’s Daughter
  • 13.40 – 14.20 Andrei Chukurov (Dr., Associated Professor, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia) –  Theatre and the Enlightenment: Performances of Power in Sweden and Russia
  • 14.20 – 15.00 Vesa Oittinen (Prof., Aleksanteri Institute, Helsinki) – Herder’s  “Spinozistic” View on History of Humanity: Emergence of the Mankind as Self-Causation
  • 15.00 –  Final Discussion
  • 18.30 – Concluding Dinner (t.b.a.)