Aleksanteri Institute Visiting Fellows Research Seminars

This series of seminars presents ongoing work of the Visiting Fellows of the Aleksanteri Institute.

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Programme  Spring 2011

Time: Thursdays, starting at 14:15
Venue: Aleksanteri Institute, Unioninkatu 33, Meeting room 2nd floor

17 February
Lynn Tesser
, International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
EU Expansion, Nationalist Politics and the Aftermath of Forced Migration in Central Europe and the Balkans 
Abstract (pdf)

23 February
Mikhail Mikeshin
, St. Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University) and St. Petersburg Center for the History of Ideas, Russia
Nobility Studies and the Russian Historiosophy
PLEASE NOTE: The seminar takes exceptionally place on Wednesday.
Abstract (pdf)

3 March
Victoria Hudson
, Visiting Researcher / PhD student, University of Birmingham, UK
The ‘Russian World’ Foundation: Contemporary Russian Soft Power in Motion?
Abstract (pdf)

10 March
Irina Bystrova
, Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Sciences, Center of Military History of Russia
The Military-Industrial Complex: From the Cold War Period to Post-Soviet Russia
Abstract (pdf)

14 April
Francisco Martínez, Visiting Researcher (CIMO Fellowship grantee) / PhD Student, University of Murcia, Spain
Natural distortions of nationalism: the cases of Pentti Linkola and Lev Gumilev
Abstract (pdf)

21 April
Christine Worobec
, Northern Illinois University, United States
Orthodox Pilgrimages in Late Imperial Russia
Abstract (pdf)

28 April
Elena Bogdanova
, Centre for Independent Social Research, St. Petersburg
Complaining to Putin. Examples of current practices in Russian governance
Abstract (pdf)

12 May
Dieter Segert
, University of Vienna, Austria
Understanding the footprint of state socialism in East European post-socialism
Abstract (pdf)

19 May
Miguel Vázquez Liñan
, University of Seville, Spain
History as a Propaganda Tool in Contemporary Russia
Abstract (pdf)

26 May
Jane Harris
, University of Pittsburgh, United States
Russian Centers of Social Services and the Culture of Aging
Abstract (pdf)

8 June
Matteo Vittuari, University of Bologna, Italy
The Role of Territorial Capital and Diversification: Application to South Eastern Europe
PLEASE NOTE: The seminar takes exceptionally place on Wednesday.
Abstract (pdf)

16 June
Maya Nadkarni
, Swarthmore College, United States
In Hungary's State of "Not Normal": Rhetorics of Crisis, Transparency, and the "Dishonest Mess" of Postsocialism
Abstract (pdf)

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