Aleksanteri Institute Research Seminar Series

research seminar

The series of research seminars at the Aleksanteri Institute invites both visiting scholars and regular staff to present their studies on varying themes on Tuesday afternoons at the Institute 2nd floor meeting room, Unioninkatu 33, Helsinki.

Programme - Autumn 2009

Aug 20 - THURSDAY!
Dr. Julie Hemment:
"Redefining need, reconfiguring expectations: the rise of state-run youth voluntarism programs in Russia"
TIME: 2-4 pm

Aug 25
Dr. Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen:
"From Mute to Reflective - Governmentality and Planning Priorities in St Petersburg"

Sep 8
Dr. Petra Rethmann
"The Unbearable Burden of Stalin"
TIME: 2-4 pm

Sep 15
Dr. Alexander Etkind
"Stories of the Undead in the Land of the Unburied: Magical Historicism in Contemporary Russian Fictions"
TIME: 2-4 pm

Sep 22
Valentin Seguru
"Global supremacy of Cjina or the New Triumvirate of the XXI century".
TIME: 2-4 pm
The presentation will be in Russian, but discussion is welcome also in English.

Oct 20
Dr. Mikhail Maslovski
"The Weberian Tradition in Historical Sociology and the Field of Soviet Studies"
TIME: 2-4 pm

Nov 10
Dr. Marlene Laruelle
"Youth, patriotism and memory in Russia"
TIME: 2-4 pm

Nov 17
Dr. Elena Zdravomyslova
"Women-Patients in Contemporary Russian Reproductive Health Care Institutions: Strategies of Establishing Trust"
TIME: 2-4 pm

Nov 24
Evgeny Pashentsev
"Communication management and its role in times of world crisis: The case study of Russia"
TIME: 2-4 pm

Dec 1

  • 12-2 pm: Sergey Gryzunov
    The speaker is a former press minister (chairman of State Committee on Press of the Russian Federation) in 1994-1995. Before that he worked as the head of office of Novosti news agency in Yugoslavia (1990-1994). Recently he has been Editor-in-Chief and Director General of Novoe Russkoe Slovo Publishing House and professor of journalism at Moscow Institute of the International Relations (MGIMO).
  • 2-4pm: Ekaterina Melnikova esitelmöi aiheesta "Karelo-finskii narod": the practice and the rhetoric"

Dec 8
Marina Calloni, Milan University/Bicocca
"Humanising Humanitarianism? Limits and Potential of the International Community".
TIME 2-4pm

Programme - Spring 2009

Jan 13
Dr. Sanna Turoma:
Representations of Empire and Geographical Space in Late Soviet Russian Culture
TIME: 3-5 pm

Jan 27
Dr. Tatiana Artemyeva:
Traditions of Russian Utopianism: Forms, Genres, Types
TIME: 1-3 pm

Feb 17
Inka Salovaara-Moring:
Conflict in Georgia: Nation, Media and Borderland Politics
TIME: 2-4 pm

Feb 24
Dr. Sergei Medvedev:
Europe is What States Make of It: Imaginations of Europe in Russia and the EU
TIME: 1-3 pm

Mar 10
- Cancelled -

Mar 24
Dr. Olga Malinova:
Russia and "the West": Transformations of the Discourse About Collective Identity in the Twentieth Century"
TIME: 2-4 pm

Apr 14
Dr. Margarita Balmaceda:
Dealing with Energy Dependency: Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania Between Domestic Oligarchs and Russian Pressure, 1992-2009
TIME: 2-4 pm

Apr 21
Dr. Juraj Buzalka:
Post-peasant Populism in Central and Eastern Europe: An Emerging Political Alternative?
TIME: 2-4 pm

May 5
- Cancelled -

May 12
Dr. Greg Simons:
"Terrorism in Cyberspace: Kavkazcenter and Virtual Terrorism."
TIME: 2-4 pm

May 19
Riikka Nisonen-Trnka, Ira Jänis-Isokangas & Sanna Turoma:
Stalinismi-opintopiirissä Riikka Nisonen-Trnka  ja Ira Jänis esittelevät Stephen Kotkinin teoksen "Magnetic Mountain: Stalinism as a Civilization". Sanna Turoma esittelee stalinismia käsittelevää viimeaikaista kulttuurin tutkimusta. Tutkijaseminaari pidetään suomeksi.
Research seminar about Stalinism will be held in Finnish.
TIME: 2-4 pm

May 26
Dr. Maya Nadkarni:
Remains of Socialism:  Memory and the challenge of the socialist past in postsocialist Hungary.
TIME: 2-4 pm

June 4 - THURSDAY!
Dr. Ulrich Best:
"The controlled space of socialist internationalism and its transgression: COMECON energy projects between 1970 and 1990"
TIME: 2-4 pm

June 16
Dr. Jutta Scherrer:
"Civilisational turn" in Russia
TIME: 2-4 pm

June 23
Dr. Melanie Ilic
"Women's International Democratic Federation"
TIME: 2-4 pm

Research seminars are open to public but registration is required in advance due to restricted space. To register and to receive the papers in advance, please contact: Jukka Pietiläinen, firstname.lastname[at]