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In the News & Events Archive you'll find information about past conferences, lectures, seminars and other significant events at the Institute. From 2010 onwards, also research and publication news are included.

More information on the past activities can be found in the Annual Reports.

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Events in 2009

December 10th
Aleksanteri Institute organised a classical piano concert as part of on-going cooperation with the State University Higher School of Economics, Moscow (HSE). The performers, led by Olga Potekhina, were students of HSE, who are actively engaged in music as well as their studies. The concert was held at the festive hall of the University of Helsinki language center, at 6 pm.

Click here for the programme and more information (in Finnish)
Visit the site of HSE Piano class at

December 8th

Interview and discussion with jornalist author Andrey Kolesnikov on the themes of his recent biography of Anatoly Chubais and current situation in Russian politics and society.

Interviewer Pekka Haavisto, interpreter Jukka Mallinen.

Read more (in Finnish)


December 8th
Marina Calloni from the Milan University/Bicocca gave a presentation on "Humanising Humanitarianism? Limits and Potential of the International Community" at the Research Seminar.

December 7th
Aleksanteri Cultural Forum gathered around the theme of Man & Nature (Ihminen ja luonto). Presentations in Finnish by artists Antero Kare and Anu Osva. The forum will continue in spring 2010!

December 1st

  • Sergey Gryzunov at the Research Seminar 12-2 pm
    The speaker is a former press minister (chairman of State Committee on Press of the Russian Federation) in 1994-1995. Before that he worked as the head of office of Novosti news agency in Yugoslavia (1990-1994). Recently he has been Editor-in-Chief and Director General of Novoe Russkoe Slovo Publishing House and professor of journalism at Moscow Institute of the International Relations (MGIMO).
  • Ekaterina Melnikova at the Research Seminar 2-4 pm
    "Karelo-finskii narod": the practice and the rhetoric"

November 26th


The Yakutian cattle, Sakha ynaga, are the last remnants of the Siberian Turano-Mongolian cattle, and a valuabe source of genetic variation, most of the original types having disapperaed due to crossbreeding. The unique cattle is well adapted to living in the harsh conditions of the permafrost and thus has provided the people of the region with an invaluable means of livelihood for centuries.

They've survived the cold, dark winters and the turmoil of political changes, but now they face an uncertain future. There are less than 1,000 breeding females left. What has happened?

The joint project by the Aleksanteri Institute and MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Genetic resources of Russian farm animals(2003-2007) investigated the state of cattle breeding in the Republic of Sakha. A book entitled Sakha Ynaga. Cattle of the Yakuts was published at the Aleksanteri Institute on November 26th, 2009. The book is edited by Leo Granberg, Juha Kantanen and Katriina Soini, published by Finnish Academy of Science and Letters and distributed by bookstore Tiedekirja.

Read the pressrelease at MTT website (english)
Pressrelease in Russian (pdf)

November 24th
Evgeny Pashentsev "Communication management and its role in times of world crisis: The case study of Russia" at the Research Seminar, 2-4 pm

November 23rd

Dr Sanna Turoma, a Kone research fellow at the Aleksanteri Institute in 2009,  was chosen as one of the 12 postdoctoral fellows of the University of Helsinki for the period of 2010-2012.a's research titled "Imperial Space in Late Soviet Russian Culture (1960-80)"analyzes the ways Soviet territory was represented in Russian-languagewriting and film during the last decades of Soviet rule with a focus on the cultural and imperial significations invested in geographical representations.


“By penetrating into Russia’s recent intellectual history, the study will provide tools for analyzing contemporary Russia's geopolitical discourse while it also attempts to rethink Cold War dissident ideologies from the viewpoint of the imperial paradigm”, says Turoma.  She is currently a visiting scholar at the Harriman Institute of Columbia University and will return to the Aleksanteri Institute in July 2010.

November 21st
Meri Herrala (MSocSc) defended her doctoral thesis titled "Socialist Realism instead of Formalism - the Formation and Development of the Soviet Music Control System 1932-1950" on November 21st, 2009 at 10 o'clock at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki.
Opponent: Dr. Pauline Fairclough, University of Bristol, UK; Custos: Prof. Seppo Hentilä
Venue: Arppeanum (2nd floor Auditorium), Snellmaninkatu 2, Helsinki.
Abstract of the thesis is available online at E-thesis.

November 18th
Guest Lecture by Mr Slobodan Karamanić: "Primitive Symbolic Accumulation: The Case of Post-Socialism in Serbia". The lecture will attempt to translate Marx’s concept of ‘primitive accumulation of capital’ (Das Kapital, Vol. 1.) into the field of symbolic production in post-socialist Serbia.

November 17th
Visiting Fellow Elena Zdravomyslova at the Research Seminar: "Women-Patients in Contemporary Russian Reproductive Health Care Institutions: Strategies of Establishing Trust" 2pm at the Aleksanteri Institute 2nd floor meeting room

November 10th
Visiting Fellow Marlene Laruelle at the Research Seminar: "Youth, patriotism and memory in Russia", 2pm at the Aleksanteri Institute 2nd floor meeting room

November 9th
Aleksanteri Institute, together with the embassies of Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland and the Slovak Republic organised an international seminar "Europe Reunited 1989 – Legacy and Vision" to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin wall. For more information, please see the seminar page.

November 5th
The last lecture of the Alumni lecture series "Vapauden Rajat" was entitled "Me ja muut: Suvaitsemattomuus, nationalismi ja romanivastaisuus" . The lecture was given in Finnish by Markku Kangaspuro and Arno Tanner.

October 29th-31st
9th annual Aleksanteri Conference "Cold War Interactions Reconsidered" was held in Helsinki at the end of October.

October 22nd
Two guest lectures on Russian law enforcement, economic crime, and the police were organized jointly by the Aleksanteri Institute and the Department of Sociology at the University of Helsinki. The lectures will be held at the Aleksanteri Institute (Unioninkatu 33, 2nd floor, seminar room). Lecturers: Dr. Gilles Favarel-Garrigues & Dr. Boris Gladarev.

October 20th
Visiting Fellow, Dr. Mikhail Maslovski presented his topic "The Weberian Tradition in Historical Sociology and the Field of Soviet Studies" at the research seminar at 2 p.m.

October 6th
Guest lecture by the ambassador of Azerbaijan, H.E. Mr. Rafael Ibrahimov: ""Azerbaijan and the Regional Dynamics" .

October 5th
Aleksanteri Institute Cultural Forum gathered under the theme of "Art as Historical Document". The presentations were bt Boris Gasparov: "Second birth in the 1930s: the case of Sergei Prokofiev" and Meri Herrala: "Prokofiev and the Antiformalist Campaign of 1948". Due to lack of time, Elina Viljanen's presentation was re-scheduled to spring 2010.

September 25-26th
Northern Lights – Facets of Enlightenment Culture, A joint Finnish-Russian symposium on the Enlightenment of the 18th century.

September 22nd
Valentin Seguru: "Global supremacy of Cjina or the New Triumvirate of the XXI century" at the Research seminar.

September 21st
The Alumni Association organises a series of open lectures entitled "Vapauden rajat. Demokratia ja yhteiskunta kylmän sodan jälkeen" (The Limits of Freedom - Democracy and Society after the Collapse of the Communist System). The lectures are held in Finnish. More information on the Alumni site (in Finnish).

September 15th
Alexander Etkind: "Stories of the Undead in the Land of the Unburied: Magical Historicism in Contemporary Russian Fictions" at the Research seminar at 2-4 pm in the institutes 2nd floor meeting room.

September 10th
Wider Europe Network in cooperation with the Aleksanteri Institute organised a conference "From Northern Dimension to Eastern Partnership – the evolving European Neighborhood Policy in the East" in Helsinki. Presentations now available on the conference site.

September 9th
Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), in cooperation with the Aleksanteri Institute organised a seminar entitled "Ascertaining Facts: The Georgian War & The Impact on Media in the War-torn South Caucasus". More information on the event site.

David Rakviashvili,
Deputy State Minister for Reintegration of Georgia.


September 8th
Visiting Fellow, Dr Petra Rethmann presented her study entitled "The Unbearable Burden of Stalin" at the open research seminar at 2-4 pm in the Aleksanteri institute's 2nd floor meeting room.

September 7th
Open gatherings of the Cultural Forum continued with "Kulttuuri & filosofia" (Culture & Philosophy) as the first theme and Vesa Oittinen and Natalia Baschmakoff as the first speakers. The first gathering was held in Finnish. See the entire programme of the Cultural Forum here!

August 25th
Dr. Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen presented his study "From Mute to Reflective - Governmentality and Planning Priorities in St Petersburg" at the Research Seminar on Tuesday, August 25th at the institute 2nd floor meeting room.

August 24-30th
The traditional Summer School in Orilammi for the new students of the Master's School.

August 20th
The series of Open Research Seminars at the Aleksanteri Institute continued the first speaker of the Autumn term being Dr. Julie Hemment, a Visiting Scholar from the University of Massachusetts, who presented her research on youth voluntarism in Russia: "Redefining need, reconfiguring expectations: the rise of state-run youth voluntarism programs in Russia"

August 4-20th
The Aleksanteri Institute organised a course entitled Russia-EU Relations: Prospects and Dynamics, at the 10th Helsinki Summer School in August.

August 9-20th
The Aleksanteri Institute together with Vysšaja Škola Ekonomiki (Moscow) organised a summer school at Kilpisjärvi entitled "Russia, Europe and the North: The Politics of Nature".

June 29th
Documentary "Pugovka" & Discussion
Former Visiting Fellow, Associate Professor (EUSP) Ilya Utekhin gave a showing of his documentary film Pugovka ('button'), about the closure of the European University at St. Petersburg in February-March 2008. The film is an attempt of a study of fear, self-censorship and the role of the media under the pressure of authoritarian administrative rule. After the 50 minute film there was a lively discussion.

June 23rd
Research seminar with Visiting Fellow Melanie Ilic about "Women's International Democratic Federation" At the Aleksanteri Institute 2nd floor meeting room, 2-4 pm.

16 June 2009
Research seminar at 2-4 pm: Visiting Scholar Jutta Scherrer gave a presentation on the "Civilisational turn" in Russia. Place: Aleksanteri Institute, 2nd floor meeting room.

15 June 2009
Baschmakoff Friends and colleagues of professor Natalia Baschmakoff gathered at the Aleksanteri Institute on June 15th as the renowned professor was handed a festschrift to honour her life time work in the field of Russian literary and cultural studies. "The Unlimited Gaze. Essays in Honour of Professor Natalia Baschmakoff " consists of 17 scholarly essays on Russian cultural history, literature, arts and society.
Natalia Baschmakoff

11 June 2009
An international high profile conference dealing with questions of Russia's past, present and future was arranged in Helsinki by the Aleksanteri Institute and The Finnish Institute of International Affairs on Thursday, June 11th. Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Alexander Stubb saw Russian scholarship as an important tool for making sense of country in perpetual change.

Read more about the conference, "Russia: Lost or found? Patterns and Trajectories. "

Alexander Stubb

4 June 2009
The research seminar exceptionally on Thursday, at 2 pm. Visiting fellow Ulrich Best presents his topic entitled "The controlled space of socialist internationalism and its transgression: COMECON energy projects between 1970 and 1990" at the institute's 2nd floor meeting room.

1 June 2009
Publication event at the Aleksanteri Institute: “The New Northern Dimension of the European Neighbourhood”, edited by Pami Aalto, Helge Blakkisrud & Hanna Smith is published by Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). The book can be downloaded at the CEPS web site

26 May 2009
Visiting fellow, Dr. Maya Nadkarni presented her topic "Remains of Socialism:  Memory and the challenge of the socialist past in postsocialist Hungary" at the Research Seminar.

20 May 2009
Kick-off meeting of the "Project Aether – Air passenger transport security in the case of CBRN threat by terrorists” with invited partners.

19 May 2009
Research seminar on stalinism, in Finnish at 2 pm.

18 May 2009
The Aleksanteri Institute Cultural Forum 2009 last meeting of the spring term titled "Sacred Images" presents Dr. Elina Kahla: "Mary Magdalen in Russia" and Dr. Rebecca Mitchell: "Music and Salvation in Late Imperial Russia: A.N. Scriabin as Messiah".

15 May 2009
Seminar: Georgia and Armenia – How does the transformation towards democracy look
organised together with STETE and others at 8.45–13.00 in the Auditorium of the New Annex Building of the Parliament (Arkadiankatu 3, Helsinki). Registration required by May 8th!

13 May 2009

Open day

Open day at the Aleksanteri Institute contained presentations both by the researchers of the Graduate School and the Visiting Scholar Programme. These and other activities of the institute were also presented at informational stands and study rooms.

Music was provided by Srećne Duše and refreshments were available all afternoon.

The Aleksanteri Institute thanks everyone for coming and congratulates the winners of the quiz!


12 May 2009
Dr. Greg Simons presented his research " Terrorism in Cyberspace: Kavkazcenter and Virtual Terrorism" at the Research Seminar.

11 May 2009
Director Imbi Paju will be screening and discussing her documentary "Torjutut muistot " (Memories Denied) at the Aleksanteri-alumni spring meeting at the Aleksanteri Institute. More information on the Alumni site.

7 -8 May 2009
Spring Seminar of the Graduate School:  "Research and Relevance: Extending Expertise Beyond the Academia" - Visiting lectures are open to all, but require registration by May 5th. More information at the graduate school site.

5 May 2009
Open Workshop: Imperial Space and Soviet Russian Culture, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the Aleksanteri Institute 2nd floor meeting room. Please, register by email to sanna.turoma [at]

28 April 2009
Issue 2/2009 of the Aleksanteri News was published. Download the newsletter as a PDF-file.

24 April 2009
H.E. Dr. Damir Kušen, Ambassador of Croatia to Finland gave a lecture entitled "The EU and NATO Enlargement: South-Eastern Europe Dimension – A Burden or an Added Value?"
at 3 - 4 p.m. in Runeberg hall, University of Helsinki Main Building (Unioninkatu 34). The lecture was followed by a round table discussion at the Aleksanteri Institute.

22 April 2009
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia H.E. Gregory Vashadze gave a lecture entitled "Challenges and Prospects of the Georgian Foreign Policy after the Russian-Georgian War" at a seminar organised by the Aleksanteri Institute in Helsinki. Read more in the Aleksanteri News 2/2009!

21 April 2009
Visiting fellow Dr. Juraj Buzalka presented his research "Post-peasant Populism in Central and Eastern Europe: An Emerging Political Alternative?" at the Research seminar.

juraj buzalka

20 April 2009
The Aleksanteri Institute Cultural Forum 2009 Fourth meeting of the forum: Artist & Ethics featuring Teemu Mäki and Dmitry Vilensky.

17 April 2009
Guest lecture by Dr. Marlène Laruelle (Johns Hopkins University):
The "Patriotic" Brand: Politics and Social Consensus in Contemporary Russia.
Time 10.15 - 11.30 am, Venue The Aleksanteri Institute, Unioninkatu 33, Helsinki (2nd floor)

14 April 2009
Dr. Margarita Balmaceda gave a lecture entitled "Dealing with Energy Dependency: Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania Between Domestic Oligarchs and Russian Pressure, 1992-2009" at the Research seminar. Time 2-4 pm, Venue The Aleksanteri Institute, 2nd floor.

14 April 2009
The end report of the year long project Poseidon was published in the Aleksanteri Papers series (1/2009) and discussed by the partners and media in a final meeting.
Read the report:
Preventing Terrorism in Maritime Regions: Case Analysis of the Project Poseidon (PDF)
Take a look at the media publicity (PDF in Finnish only)

26 March 2009
A half-day seminar entitled "Energy Transit to Europe - Crisis and Responses" was held in Helsinki in cooperation with the Neru Network (Aleksanteri Institute, NUPI, CBEES) and the Aleksanteri Institute’s Eurasia Energy Group. Speakers included Johnny Rodin, Jakub Godzimirski, Margarita Balmaceda, Tatiana Romanova, Peeter Vahtra, Mikko Palonkorpi and David Dusseault. For more information and the presentations, see the seminar site.

24 March 2009
Research Seminar at the Aleksanteri Institute. Visiting Fellow, Prof. Olga Malinova gave a presentation on collective identity: "Russia and "the West": Transformations of the Discourse About Collective Identity in the Twentieth Century". Time: 2-4 pm, Venue: Aleksanteri Institute, Unioninkatu 33, Helsinki.

19 March 2009
Guest Lecture by Dr. Mikhail Chernysh: Managers and management in contemporary Russia.

23 February 2009
The Aleksanteri Institute's newsletter Aleksanteri News 1/2009 was published.

23 February 2009
Aleksanteri Cultural Forum: Trauma, muisti & historia (in finnish) gathered a hundred participants and there was a lively discussion after Professor Marianne Liljeströms lecture.

One of the organisers of the forum, Ms. Elina Viljanen, was interviewed for Aleksanteri News 1/2009. Read more about the ideas behind the Cultural forum and join the next meeting on March 23rd when the theme will be Art & Politics!


Cultural forum

19 January 2009
The Aleksanteri Institute Cultural Forum 2009. First meeting "Art & Culture". Opening words Director Markku Kivinen, Introduction to Russian Cultural Studies by Prof. Irina Sandomirskaja.

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