Seminar on Energy 26th March 2009


The Neru network and the Eurasian Energy Group hosted by the Aleksanteri Institute organized a seminar on energy on Thursday, 26 March 2009, at 9.00–13.00 at the Aleksanteri Institute, 3rd floor. The seminar drew over 80 attendees from the diplomatic community, business, academia and Finnish ministries.

Energy Transit to Europe – Crisis and Responses

9.00–10.30 Crisis-panel, chair David Dusseault

  • “Good Friend, Bad Friend? Belarus, Ukraine and Russian Energy Transit”
    Margarita Balmaceda, Visiting Fellow, Aleksanteri Insitute
  • “Georgia–Russia Conflict and Energy Transit”
    Mikko Palonkorpi, Researcher, Aleksanteri Institute

10.30.–11.00. Coffee

11.00–12.30 Responses-panel, chair Margarita Balmaceda

  • “The new realities of Russian energy supplies to Europe”
    Peeter Vahtra, Research Fellow, Pan European Institute


Printable programme and Invitation (pdf)

Balmaceda Godzimirski Palonkorpi
Margarita Balmaceda Jakub Godzimirski Mikko Palonkorpi