Guest Lecture, November 18th


Aleksanteri Institute cordially invites you to a guest lecture given by Mr Slobodan Karamanić on

 Primitive Symbolic Accumulation: The Case of Post-Socialism in Serbia

The lecture will attempt to translate Marx’s concept of ‘primitive accumulation of capital’ (Das Kapital, Vol. 1.) into the field of symbolic production in post-socialist Serbia. Rather than taking a normative or transcendental view for interpreting the creation of the new Serbian ‘national imaginary’, the concept of ‘primitive symbolic accumulation’ offers a more complex perspective in detecting the material existence of essentially contingent combinations of heterogeneous symbolic elements, which are dependent both on the political decisions of the State administration and on the ideas articulated by the oppositional forces and the civil society in Serbia since the late 1980s. The analysis will draw from a wide range of visual phenomena (graffiti, billboards, the official state symbols, architecture/urban space, etc.).

Slobodan Karamanic is Research Associate at the Center of Excellence 16 – “Cultural Foundations of Integration” (University of Konstanz) and PhD candidate in Anthropology of Everyday Life at the Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities. He was a founder and editor of Prelom (Break) – Journal for Images and Politics, Belgrade (2001-2006).

Time: Wednesday 18th Nov. 2009, 14:15-15:45

Place: Aleksanteri Institute, Meeting room, (Unioninkatu 33, 2rd floor)


For more information, please contact: Jouni Järvinen (jouni.jarvinen [at]