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In the News & Events Archive you'll find information about past conferences, lectures, seminars and other significant events at the Institute. From 2010 onwards, also research and publication news are included.

More information on the past activities can be found in the Annual Reports.

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Events in 2008

15 December 2008
Seminar by Dr Jelena Obradovic: Serbia and war crimes before and after the Karadzic arrest

5 December 2008
Denial of war crimes is not a failure to come to terms with the past but is part of the first seps in understanding the past" argues Aleksanteri Wisiting fellow Dr. Jelena Obradovic in the Aleksanteri Newsletter 2/2008 (PDF) .

13 November 2008
Co-operation, co-operation, co-operation
is the key-word, State Secretary Risto Volanen emphasized in the conference “Civil Protection-Resilience to Terrorism and Natural Disasters

23 October 2008
European Emergency Management seminar: Civil Protection-Resilience to Terrorism and Natural Disasters (programme, pdf)

10 October 2008
Finland as a neighbouring country to Russia should be cautious in joining NATO, as the membership contains more security risks than benefits
, argues Mikko Palonkorpi, researcher at the Aleksanteri Institute in the First issue of the Aleksanteri Newsletter (pdf). There will be also a seminar dedicated to the Caucasian crisis on Wednesday, October 29, 2008.

15 September 2008
University of Helsinki starts cooperation with a top university in Ukraine. An agreement of cooperation was signed between the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA) and the University of Helsinki 15 September, 2008.

6 June 2008
Aleksanteri Institute Advisory Board Meeting
Advisors demanded for dialogue in Russian expertise

Aleksanteri Institute Visiting Scholar Programme 2008-2009 invites:
15 scholars to join the Institute as Aleksanteri Visiting Fellows

New site for gender research
The Welfare, Gender and Agency (WGA) project web site

2 June 2008 Seminar
Prague Spring 1968 -
Seminar of the Occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Prague Spring, Czechoslovakia

2 June 2008 Seminar
The New Northern Dimension: From Regional Co-operation to High Politics

27 May 2008 Guest Lecture
Changing Environments: Green Activism and Political Transformation in Russia
by Prof. Laura Henry

23 May 2008 Guest Lecture
Lithuanian Sajūdis and the Singing Revolution
by MEP, Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis

22 April 2008
Guest Lecture Gender Violence in Russia by Professor Janet Elise Johnson

9 April 2008
Symposium on Philosophical Cultures

2 April 2008 Seminar on Russian Elections
President Medvedev’s Russia: Domestic Politics and Neighbourhood Relation

27 February 2008
Seminar on the elections (in Finnish):Aleksanteri-instituutin vaaliseminaari 2007-2008

28 January 2008
Kirjanjulkistustilaisuus Aleksanteri-instituutissa: Constructed Identities in Europe

Minne menossa, Venäjän kansalaisyhteiskunta? -seminaari

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