Guest Lecture

Aleksanteri Institute, Helsinki University:
WGA - Welfare, Gender and Agency in Russia in the 2000s Project

Tuesday, 22 April, 14:15
Unioninkatu 33, Meeting Room, 2nd Floor

Associate Professor Janet Elise Johnson
City University of New York

gives a guest lecture

Gender Violence in Russia: The Politics of Feminist Intervention

Based on more than a decade of fieldwork and the analysis of media coverage and survey data, this Russian case study compares the various types of foreign interventions designed to help women that have become common since the 1995 U.N. Conference on Women in Beijing. Studying the timely issues of trafficking in women, domestic violence, and sexual assault, the book has practical application for those concerned with advancing women's rights around the world. The well-elaborated analytical framework lays out new ways for social scientists concerned about gender to analyze social mobilization and policymaking that incorporates the impact of the global on the local.

Biographical Note:
Dr. Johnson is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Women’s Studies at Department of Political Science, Brooklyn College, CUNY. Her research - based on long-term fieldwork in Russia, other post-communist societies, and a variety of transnational spaces - examines gender politics, especially women’s organizing, and gender violence policy. She is also a member of the WGA research team at Aleksanteri Institute.

Forthcoming publication:
The Global Campaign against Gender Violence in the New Russia. Indiana University Press: Bloomington (2009)

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