Guest Lecture

Ambassador of Latvia to Finland, PhD Einars Semanis gives a lecture on

Transition in Modern Latvia – Political Regime

Time: Tuesday 6th November 2007, 14:15-15:45
Place: University of Helsinki main building old side, Auditorium IX, (Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor)

Latvia today is still in dynamic transition. One of the facets, how to analyze the transition, is the insight in the development of political regime. There are still many essential areas of Latvian society, where the basic agreements on the rules of a political game are under intensive discussion. Einars Semanis will take a look at the basic features of the today's discussions and tensions around the basic rules in the fields of democracy, creation of modern economy and values of society.

Einars Semanis is the founder and the first head the Department of the Poltical Science at the university of Latvia during the end of 1980s and the beginning of 1990ies. He joined the Diplomatic service of Latvia in 1993 and today is an Ambassador of Latvia to Finland.

In the field of Political Science his interests and publications are related with analysis of the political regimes, models of democracy and post-communist transition. His Doctoral thesis is about the development of a modern Analytical Philosophy of History in the US (the problem of historical knowlwdge).



Contact person:
Minna Anttila
09-191 23614

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