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In the News & Events Archive you'll find information about past conferences, lectures, seminars and other significant events at the Institute. From 2010 onwards, also research and publication news are included.

More information on the past activities can be found in the Annual Reports.

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Events in 2007

5 th Dec 2007 guest lecture
The Relevance of Collective Identities for the Integration Process in Bosnia and Herzegovina

29th Nov 2007 guest lecture
The Eye of Sauron or the Enemy Within? - Ideological Regulation of Social Sciences and Humanities in Czechoslovakia in 1969-1989

29th Nov-1st Dec 2007 Aleksanteri Conference
Revisiting Perestroika - Processes and Alternatives

29th Nov 2007
Alumni meeting

28th Nov 2007 seminar
Politiikkaa ylhäältä alas ja alhaalta ylös – Duuman vaalit vuonna 2007 (fin)

23rd Nov 2007 seminar
Politics of Small Languages in Europe (PDF)

21st Nov 2007 guest lecture
The Party Congress and the Future Development of China (PDF)

15t Nov 2007 discussion
Miten uskonto ja politiikka kohtaavat uuden Venäjän kulttuurituotannossa? (PDF) (fin)

13th Nov 2007 CIVPRO seminar
Seminar on Critical Infrastructure Protection (pdf)

6th Nov 2007 guest lecture
Address by His Excellency President of the Republic of Armenia, Mr. Robert
Kocharyan at the Aleksanteri Institute

6th Nov 2007 guest lecture
Einars Semanis: Transition in modern Latvia - Political regime

24th Oct 2007 seminar
Russian Periphery – Is It Worth Researching?

8th Oct 2007 seminar
graduate School Autumn Seminar

5th Oct 2007 defence
Ilmari Larjavaara
Funktionaalinen transitioteoria: Hallinto, oikeusjärjestys ja instituutiot Venäjällä (fin)

25-26th Sep 2007 guest lecture
Agilolf Kesselring lectures on was in Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-1994

31st Aug 2007seminar
Ukraine - Making of a Nation

29th Aug.2007 morning coffee
Miten Venäjän kanssa ratkotaan kauppakiistoja? (PDF) (fin)

24th Aug 2007 defence
Minna Piipponen: Metsäsektorin rakennemuutos 1990-luvun Lähi-Venäjällä (fin)

1st Jun 2007defence
Suvi Salmenniemi: Growing Flowers in the Frost: Civic Activity, Citizenship and Gender in Russia

31st May-1st Jun2007 seminar
Russia and the FSU: Looking Backward, Looking Forward

29-30th May 2007 EUROBALTIC Workshop
How to use GIS information in risk assessment and policy planning
at the central and local levels?

9th May 2007 new book
Venäjä ja Suomi - Juhlakirja professori Timo Vihavaiselle (fin)

7th May 2007 guest lecture
A Hero for Our Time: The Re-resurrection of Tsarevich Dmitrii Ioannovich
Professor Marcia A. Morris, Georgetown

4th May 2007 defence
Elina Kahla: Life as Exploit: Representations of Twentieth-Century Saintly Women in Russia

3rd-4th May 2007 symposium
Max Weber, rationaalisuuden ongelma ja Venäjä (fin)

25th Apr 2007 guest lecture
Russians in the Baltic States: Multiple Identities and Diverse Futures

24th Apr 2007 panel
Energizing Europe: Russia's Role and Europe's Needs

17th Apr 2007 new book
Venäjä ja Eurooppa (fin)

16th Apr 2007 seminar
Economy in Russia: State, institutions and competition

22nd Mar 2007 guest lecture
Political Education and Political Identity in The Multiethnic Empire:
Austria-(Hungary) and Russia, 1875-1918

15th Mar 2007 open doors
Avoimet ovet Aleksanteri-instituutissa

15th Mar 2007 anniversary
Aleksanteri Institute 10th year anniversary

12th Mar 2007 guest lecture
Socialisticheskij Realizm: Metafizika, Estetika, Diskurs

23rd Feb 2007 discussion
New archival material in the Eastern Europe and Russia

15th Feb 2007 guest lecture
Yrjö Lautela: "Titon Jugoslavian ulkopolitiikka" (fin)

14-15th Feb 2007 Eurobaltic workshop
Private-Public Partnerships in Civil Protection and Emergency Management

9th Feb 2007 seminar
The Wider Caucasus: Energy, Ethnicity, Economics and Security

2nd Feb 2007 seminar
Venäjä ja äärioikeisto (fin)

30th Jan 2007 new book
Modernisation in Russia since 1900 (pdf)

24th Jan 2007seminar
The Politics of Local Government Reforms in Russia

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