Seminar 24 Oct 2007

Russian Periphery – Is It Worth Researching?

The Finnish Graduate School for Russian and Eastern European Studies organizes an international researcher seminar on Wednesday 24 October 2007
in Helsinki, Main Building of the University of Helsinki, Unioninkatu 34, Auditorium II

The aim of this international research seminar is to discuss the possibilities, assets and challenges when studying Russia outside of Moscow, St. Petersburg, or other regional centres. The goal is to gather together young researchers from different fields of Russian studies and whose research topic is related to the contemporary Russian periphery and to show the larger audiences why the Russian periphery is truly worth researching.

09.15–09.30 Opening words by Natalia Baschmakoff
09.30–10.00 Helene Carlbäck: Russian Periphery - Certainly Worth Researching!
10.00–10.30 Natalia Baschmakoff: Generating Local Space in post-Soviet Russia
10.30–11.00 Meri Kulmala and Sortavala (Karelia Republic)
11.00–11.30 Inna Kopoteva and Karelian Small Towns
11.30–12.30 Lunch break
12.30–13.00 Kuliasova and Pomor Villages (Arkhangelsk Region)
13.00–13.30 Kirill Maslinsky and Myshkin (Jaroslavl Region)
13.30–14.00 Mari Ristolainen and Novorzhev (Pskov Region)
14.00–14.30 Elena Nikiforova and Petchory (Pskov Region)
14.30–15.00 Coffee and Closing Discussion


Printable programme (PDF)